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Happy New Year!

Kim Klassen’s waterfront 19 applied at multiply, 54% opacity We wanted to ring in the New Year quietly so the family and I decided to go to Whidbey Island for a couple of days. New Year’s Eve day we drove … Continue reading

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Playing Squash

Applied Kim Klassen ‘pumpkin grunge’ texture, soft light @ 39% It all started while I was on vacation. My friend Barbara Hurst sent me a link to Leigh Beisch’s site. Leigh is a professional photographer and her images are just … Continue reading

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Texture Play

Applied Kim’s ‘pumpkin grunge’ texture, soft light @ 47% and also SJGP Artisan’s ‘etched’ texture, multiply @ 27% So, yesterday I shared 3 images from my Be Still assignment. This image was the one I said was my favorite. I … Continue reading

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Every Leaf is a Flower

Taken w/ 35mm @ f/4.0, ISO 500 @ 1/800 sec. Applied Kim Klassen’s ‘every day’ texture with multiply blend mode @ 62%. Font is Bayern Handschrift. This quote says it all for me. In the Spring I get excited when … Continue reading

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Taking it Easy on Texture Tuesday

Taken w/ 35mm @ f.3.5, ISO 500 @ 1/80 sec. Applied Kim Klassen’s ‘within’ preset and her ‘monday’ texture @ linear light 55%, removing most of that from the coffee cup. Just one picture for a quick post…didn’t want to … Continue reading

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Playing with Pumpkins

Applied Kim Klassen’s ‘greymist’ preset in LR, then added her ‘waterfront7magic2’ texture at screen blend mode, 100% opacity and her ‘sonnet magic’ at screen blend mode, 17%. Everywhere I go now, the grocery store, the farmers market, even the corner … Continue reading

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Still Life Portrait of Grandma

The Be Still assignment was intriguing. Make a portrait of someone without the actual person being there. The idea was to gather things that might convey something about that person. I thought of my grandmother. At her death, her garage … Continue reading

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Weighed & Measured

The space between Christmas and the New year has always been a period of reflection for me. As a younger person looking back on the year, I would focus on my list of shortcomings. Things I didn’t accomplish, and then … Continue reading

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Self Nurturing

I had a few days early in the week where I was in kind of a funk. Not really depressed, just sort of down. Do you ever have these days? Nothing really wrong, nothing you can really put your finger … Continue reading

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Recipe For A Great Dinner Party

 This last weekend, my dear friend Jana invited my husband & I to dinner at their house (always a special treat.) Her husband, daughter, and her daughter’s life partner were also there. We had a wonderful time. The conversation was … Continue reading

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