Road Trip – On The Way To Point Reyes


One of our day trips from Bodega Bay was intended to be Point Reyes. Not because of anything we had read of the place, but just because it was on the map near where we were staying. On our way there we passed through this small little community near Tomales Bay.


A near abandoned community, that clearly is / was a fishing town.


Old ships and boats, landlocked now, speak to their history.


I was mesmerized. Before and after each image I took I closed my eyes to listen…to the voices…of the fishermen saying…”we are and have always been a part of the sea.”


Those voices stayed with me all the way to Point Reyes, which honestly I wasn’t impressed with. An old town trying to cater to the tourist with their old style store fronts. But this place, continues to haunt me. This last picture above I’m particularly fond of. Of course, the old gas pump is cool, but what drew my eye was the fact that the top of the gas pump was was the same color as the hull of the boat in the background. Things are truly tied together in this town.

What are you tied to this lovely Monday?

Thanks for stopping by. xo

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3 Responses to Road Trip – On The Way To Point Reyes

  1. Good Morning there, lovely lady. The top picture reminds me of waking up many a morning looking out my bedroom window at Cypress Ridge 14 years ago in the cool fog. I do miss those morning even if I did complain of the fog and no sun. Have been thinking since the earthquake that I am glad to be out of CA as I was always thinking when I lived there I was on borrowed time in that state after 2 big quakes while there. So yes I am glad I am here mostly but do miss those mornings and the desaturated colors like in your images. Beautifully processed.

  2. Jana says:

    Gorgeous pics , lovely thoughts- thanks for taking me along this morning- can hardly wait for the next installment! -JBV

  3. Dotti says:

    Oh, such fun here! The last one is my favorite, too … such great composition. But I love all the worn boats. We were a boating family when I grew up and I miss it. Maybe that’s why I love most any photo of a rowboat.

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