Road Trip – Bodega Bay Lodge


The picture above was taken from our room at Bodega Bay Lodge. The room at this beautiful lodge was quite spacious and comfortable, and their landscaping would make anyone swoon!


I became obsessed with this old birdhouse on the property. It greeted me every morning right outside our sliding glass door to our room. Must have taken a 100 pictures of it!


Lots of grasses have been planted on the property, which gently sway with the ocean breezes. Right next to the lodge is a wetlands preserve.


Many species of birds and wildflowers grow here.


Lovely groomed paths invite exploration.


Brian wondered through there for quite awhile, taking pictures of birds and flowers.



After that we hopped into the car and drove just a little up the road to Bodega Head. There were a couple of painters there with their easels up, making their own pictures of this beautiful area.



If you are considering a vacation to the Northern California coast, I would highly recommend this place. I know we will be back one day.

Thanks so much for dropping by. Hope your weekend was lovely.


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5 Responses to Road Trip – Bodega Bay Lodge

  1. You know we went to Bodega Bay a couple of times but never really stayed there as we didn’t see a good place to stay and always went to Mendocino but this looks like a nice place. There was just more to do in Mendocino I guess for a few days stay than Bodega Bay has. Love the one with the women painting the coast.

  2. Jana says:

    Just loving being on your road trip with you – thank you so much for bringing us along!- JBV

  3. Dotti says:

    Another gorgeous place to visit! I can understand your fascination with that birdhouse, I believe it would have had the same pull on me. Great photos, great story.

  4. lisa says:

    This really does look like a wonderful place to be.
    You had such beautiful views.

  5. Sherry G. says:

    So interesting to see your sights and travel with you…

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