I’ve been published!

Normally I wouldn’t blog post two days in a row but had to share this exciting news. One of my art pieces, a mini-book entitled Bird Babble is pictured on page 74 of the premier issue of Pages (an Interweave publication.) Over a year ago, Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine (also an Interweave publication) put out a call for entries to a mini-book challenge. I sent my piece in and eventually received a message from the publisher requesting my piece be used in a new magazine they were planning. Oh course I said yes! So here we are a year and 3 months later! the magazine will hit the news stand on 11/22 and it is full of wonderful information on journaling, book making and book binding. Now, only the cover of my little book is pictured so I decided to do a YouTube video tour of my little book and you can view it here:

YouTube Preview Image


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8 Responses to I’ve been published!

  1. Jana says:

    Fantastic !! and congratulations – The book is truly a work of art for which you have been deservedly recognized – -JBV


    congratulation, sis great little book, can,t wait to see it in pages, hope i can find it her in new mwxico. love the blog, i can keep up with your looking each time i see the blog. loveyou happy thanksgiving, linda

  3. Robyn says:

    Congratulations Carol! Wow, you’re so talented! What an adorable little book!

  4. Janice says:

    Wow! This is exciting and I love your “little book”. I have read the quote on your cards a various times in my life and always it puts me in true prespective. You truly are a talent.

    • Carol says:

      you are too kind! thank you so much. this has inspired me to send in more entries. just having fun with all this stuff. Love you much, happy holidays! ~c

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