The Weekend – A Random Sample

Thought I’d share a bit of our weekend with you.

Friday morning I planted a Coral Bark Maple Tree in the front yard. This replaces the tree that died a couple of years ago.

Brian & I also check out a new restaurant at the University District called Din Tai Fung. They are famous for their handmade dumplings and proudly display their kitchen with glass windows so everyone can see the work in progress. I have to say the food was delicious and we will be back!

Brian had been out of town during the week. So good to have him back home. We spent Friday evening out on the front deck talking photography and food while sipping wine.

We also did a bit of cooking together, trying out new recipes from the April Cooking Light magazine.


Saturday we went to Myrtle Edwards Park. Though the weatherman had predicted rain, happily he was wrong about that. This view is from the park looking across the water with Mount Olympus in the distant background. Amazingly this panorama was taken on my iPhone. Can you believe it?!

We usually go out to breakfast on one of the weekend days. One of our favorite places is the Fat Hen in Seattle. After breakfast we had to take a couple of cardamom twists to go!

I decided to make a set of note cards with the pictures I had posted on the blog the other day. They turned out pretty good I think.

We picked up these beautiful lilacs at the Pike Place Market. They have made the whole house smell heavenly!

The highlight of the weekend was when my son called. We had a nice, long conversation. So good to hear his voice.

How did you spend your weekend?



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6 Responses to The Weekend – A Random Sample

  1. jana says:

    What a full, rich life – how blessed you are to see that is the simple, routine acts that are sacred- JBV

  2. I agree with your above poster rich weekend, loved hearing about what you all did just like I was there. Mine wasn’t as fancy but I did have 13 babies so to speak. You know my beautiful yellow pot I showed you earlier this year that I got for the patio, a quail had laid eggs in there and on Sunday 13 little 2 in. cuties were all walking around on my patio. The mama kicks them out of the pot right away, long way as that pot is over 2 ft in height from the patio. So darn cute. I think I got some good pics of them in the backyard with two dads (what) yes not sure what that is all about following them around and just exploring and learning the way of the world. I will post probably on Friday in Friday Finds the big girl pics, if you would like to see. I did post some on IG that I took with my iPhone and a short video. Just made my weekend. The sad part was there are about 4 eggs that didn’t hatch but 13 Wow that is a wonderful thing.

  3. dee vlasak says:

    What a fun weekend you had! Your notecards really look nice. Did you paint the iPad cover? Fun to see your days in photos. Have a full and fun week, too.

  4. Becca says:

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend! We enjoy going into Seattle for breakfast at Lowell’s with a table overlooking the water. We’ll have to try the Fat Hen sometime. Your notecards are lovely‚Ķvery creative! Have a great week with this beautiful weather we’re going to have!

  5. Dotti says:

    Love all the weekend shots! But even more, I love your idea of a laid-back weekend. Even though I’m retired, I still treasure my weekends because most of the weekend time is spent in activities with my husband. Lovely post!

  6. Diana Foster says:

    Beautiful post. Always love your work. Adore the photo cards. Nice job.

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