Steven Covey tells us that Vision is seeing the future with the mind’s eye. It is applied imagination where things are created twice: first, a mental creation and second, a physical one. My nephew Keenan (birthday tomorrow – happy birthday!) has a vision to be a professional photographer and provide a good home for he and his son. He currently paints houses, does janitorial work, and learning photography on the job by pursuing professional gigs like Santa pictures, couples at events, student pictures for school annuals, etc. He is a hard working man physically moving toward his mental creation. I am so proud of him. It occurs to me that one of the ways we can help these visionaries is by viewing them through the lens of their potential & best actions and treat them accordingly. Cultivate the habit of affirming people, of frequently and sincerely communicating our belief in them. When we give these gifts of positive energy to others, we also move ourselves closer to our own Vision.

As the Quaker Proverb says: “Thee lift me and I’ll lift thee and we’ll ascend together.”

(card pictured above includes rubber stamping, embossing, staining, an eye from a photograph glued into a bottle cap that was stained with alcohol ink)

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