Road Trip – Portland!

Brian had business in Portland this week so I decided to tag along. While he met with clients, I laced up my walking shoes and hit the streets. Walking down SW 10th Ave. I ran across some very interesting displays and concepts:

A Junk to Funk Display – clothing made from recycled plastic grocery bags

This concept is pretty cool and the clothing was amazing. Per their website:

The Portland based Junk to Funk is unique in combining visual and performance art, fashion, sustainability education, interactive activities and entertainment. Our focus of using “Trashion” in various programs and events provides people an opportunity to connect, conceptualize and receive art in a creatively re-used form.┬áJunk to Funk encourages and inspires positive behavioral change by asking audiences to reconsider their consumption and disposal choices in an innovative and playful, yet provocative and memorable way. Check out their website:

At the corner of SW Alter & SW 10th Ave. I ran across a collection of street vendors.

The City has alloted 3 sides of two public parking lots for street vendors to park their trailer with mini-kitchens inside. Whether your just looking for a smoothie, or something more exotic like Cuban, Ethiopian, Chinese, you name the cuisine, it’s there!

Moving on. Also on SW 10th was one of those “pop-up” stores. ┬áPop-up stores have gained popularity nationwide as they provide retailers an easy way to swoop into one location for a short period — typically the holiday season — without the huge overhead of opening a traditional store. In Portland, the idea took off in that it allowed landlords to temporarily fill empty storefronts, which are rarely good for businesses, while providing local entrepreneurs with an affordable shot at retailing.

My favorite was a store called Boys Fort with the most unusual and intriguing art pieces like these doll heads

The shop owner told me these are made by an artist named Timothy Brock, but that he doesn’t really promote himself. It’s true. I tried to find a website or blog for him and it doesn’t exist. Too bad. These pieces are just too funny. The twisted side of me was so drawn to these things that I actually bought one. Makes me laugh every time I look at it! Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe plan to get yourself to Portland sometime soon.


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