Wax On!

A couple years ago Cloth, Paper, Scissors hosted a Create Retreat in Costa Mesa, CA. Many well known artists were teaching workshops there. One of those was Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, a well-known encaustic artist. Patricia was quite knowledgeable and inspiring. 5 hours after the class started, Brian & I had created 8 pieces each! The piece shown here is one of those I created that day. We have been playing with encaustics ever since.


Recently my dear friend Sandy Wildermuth asked if I would be willing to teach an encaustic workshop to which I replied an enthusiastic YES! However as the date approached I got more and more nervous. What if I don’t know what to say? Will everyone feel they got their money’s worth? Well, the day did come and I have to say I think we all had a great time! I’m not sure how much I actually “taught” them but I do think I was an enabler for their creative spirits to come out and play. Each person created 6-8 pieces each. Below are pictures of just some of their lovely works.


















And here are my 3 beautiful students. John, Ann-Marie, and Sandy: Thank you all for choosing to invest your time on a Sunday to participate in this workshop. You made my first teaching experience a joyful memory that I will cherish always. You are awesome!

Have you been thinking of exploring a new art form lately? If you have been struggling for inspiration recently, trying something new could re-energize you. Give it a go! Leave a comment to share something new you have tried recently. Until then…



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2 Responses to Wax On!

  1. jana says:

    Great job Carol – wish I could have been there for the class, looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Nice job Carol…kudos for taking on the teaching of it…all the projects look lovely.

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