Palm Springs 2013

Recently we traveled to Palm Springs with friends during modernism week. This event is about all things mid-century; architecture, cars, art, and celebrities. We celebrated a friend’s birthday, went on a hike, and attended a retro slide show hosted by Charles Phoenix (what a riot!). I was also participating in a Flat Stanley project for my grand niece Tori so you will see her pictured with Marilyn Monroe. It was a great trip and a welcome respite from the cold, gray, wet Seattle weather. We’re already talking about next year! Modernism week usually takes place mid-February. Click HERE to learn more.   If you would like to rent a home in Palm Springs, I would highly recommend the company we used. Click HERE to view their site. Please enjoy the video collection of photos taken during our stay.

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5 Responses to Palm Springs 2013

  1. Carol albers says:

    Carol. This is just fantastic! I love it!

    • Tami Thea says:

      Thanks! I needed a little escape this morning. Perfect music choice and, of course, your photos never disappoint. Appreciate the sharing.

  2. Looks like a fun time in PS, loved that hike.

  3. Carol says:

    Great video! Plus it was nice to see my old stomping grounds.

  4. Dotti says:

    Oh, Carol … I really enjoyed this! From lovely little Flat T to the iconic windmills. So well done!

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