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Oh my gosh, I am so excited to share! The art piece being installed in the little animation above represents the largest art piece I’ve ever done. Each of the 12 panels above measure 2 ft. x 2 ft. and cover a 6 1/2 ft by 8 3/4 ft area. The largest art piece I had done prior to this measured 9 inches x 12 inches! A little back story here…

For the last 5 years Brian & I have wanted an outdoor wall piece for the north side of the house in the courtyard area. Given the size of the wall we agreed it had to be pretty large. However, nothing we came across quite fit the bill, and commissioning an artist would be cost prohibitive.




About 4 months ago, Brian suddenly turned to me and said “you should create a piece for the wall.” I replied, without hesitation, “are you crazy? A bunch of things the size I work in mounted on that wall would look lame and I can’t do art on a large scale.” “Well, I think you can” he replied. You see, it’s not that my husband can’t see my shortcomings, it’s that he doesn’t actually think I have any! God bless him, but we all have shortcomings.


I shared Brian’s crazy notion with my friend Jana, a woman I not only admire for all her artistic endeavors, but someone I feel is truly a beautiful soul. But did she reply “oh my goodness that’s a big project. Are you going to try it?” No, she didn’t say that. Instead she replied “how cool to work on a large scale. It’s going to be awesome!” I thought – they’re both crazy! But over a couple of months Brian kept cutting panels for me to work on. Two months ago I looked at those blank panels and thought about Brian & Jana, then figured well, if they think I can do this, maybe I can. So I got to work. Now, for sure I’m not going to win any artist award for this piece, but I do have to say I’m pretty pleased with it, and more importantly, I had fun!

I think about all the people who inspire, encourage, and lift us up. We all have these angels in our lives, even if we don’t recognize them at first. Our insecure self can turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to those beautiful souls. Someone tells us they admire our work and our insecure self whispers in our ear “oh, she’s just being nice.” What I’ve learned over the past 58 years of my life is that generally speaking, people tell the truth. So, the next time someone tells you how awesome your work is – believe them, be grateful for them. They are the angels in our lives that encourage the best of who we are to Emerge. x0


(The piece is entitled “Emerge”. The substrate of each of the 2 ft x 2 ft panels are made of foam insulation board, which is light weight and can hold up to an outdoor environment. I used acrylic mediums including molding paste, crackle paste, fluid acrylic, glaze, and collage elements.)

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14 Responses to Emerge

  1. Cathy says:

    I am blown away by this. It is so full of beauty, and I can only imagine how fabulous it looks in real life. Wow Carole, really this is magical.

  2. Carol says:

    Well done on all levels! Your artworks is beautiful and your animation is beautiful too.

  3. This is lovely, Carol. The artwork is quite an accomplishment. In addition, you’ve done a really nice job on the animation. Love the waxing philosophical too. Yes, we must trust those who lift us up. ;->

  4. Roxi Hardegree says:

    Truly awesome. How wonderful to have 2 people in your life that believe you can do anything. Continue to go for it!

  5. Sonya says:

    Beautiful! Love it!

  6. Robyn says:

    Wow! The artwork is amazing and the animation is done so well – I like how you pop in at the end! How sweet to have such a great support system right there in your own home!

  7. Viv says:

    Carol absolutely fantastic what a great work of art.

  8. Kate says:

    Absolutely awesome! Congratulations on this wonderful work

  9. Jana says:

    Everything you do is so great, the scale of things you accomplish has always been an amazement to me – it never even occurred to me you might question whether you could do something like this!- How funny then to see my simple comments in your story. You have always inspired me to push my imagined boundaries – I can’t say how much it means to me to think I have returned the favor in some small way. Emerge indeed – we have to push out against our cocoons from time to time so the world may see our beautiful wings!

  10. Yes…your animation is VERY cool but nothing compared to your artwork. WOW!!!! I would love to have this on my large cathedral wall inside my home. Great job in every area!!!

  11. Radish says:

    Carol, this is great. I know you got your start in Time Capsules. You are doing this and getting your garden ready? Woman you have a lot of energy.

  12. Prettiest shed I ever saw. How unique and clever.

  13. geetlee says:

    Hi Carol,
    So nice to see you here in the blogosphere.. I love your photos on Instagram 🙂

    Wow, this piece is amazing! You are so talented and I’m so glad your husband and friend encouraged you to work on this piece. It is truly phenomenal!

  14. Janice says:

    Carol Ann that is awesome. I have always known you have an artists soul and this is more proof.

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