It Rained

Last weekend was beautiful. The sun shining bright. Peg warming herself on the windowsill.

Monday brought overcast skies and preparations for Brian’s travel. Peg hid to avoid the hustle & bustle. I don’t see her again.

In that early evening I noticed the front door standing open. Happens all the time. Really must fix that door soon.

The day ends with an early bedtime.

Up early the next day. Brian heads for the airport. I fall into the routine Peg & I established long ago; bathroom, kitchen, cat food, coffee, cat pan, cat snack. But where’s Peg?

Under the bed? Behind the curtains? On or under the dining room chairs? No. No. No.

Then I remember the open door. God no.

I run to the front door, fling it open. No Peg. I call out. No Peg. I run to get the container of cat snacks. Shaking the container I begin the walk all around the property in my bathrobe. I check the neighbor’s property, the park across the street, the alley behind the house. No Peg. The rain begins. Raindrops are wetting the sidewalks, tapping on windows, beating down on my brain.

Fliers are made and posted “LOST, 3-LEGGED CAT”. Rain, and more rain.

We all carry our own inner rain.

It’s welling up now. The tide rising. “I’m so sorry Peg. I wish I had checked outside before closing the door. You must have been frightened. I was not there to smooth away your fear.”

The tide rises higher, drowning my heart. “You must have been cold last night. I was not there to wrap you in my warmth. I’m so, so SORRY.”

The downpour comes. Floodgates open. Grief pours out.

The day ends, another begins. Still raining.

The days of the week have all washed out with the tide. I feel its pull on my heart.

Another weekend.

The sun shines again,

though not as brightly.

Our sweet Peg disappeared last Monday. Though I remain hopeful that she will find her way back to us, I am also preparing myself for her loss. If she has died, I pray her death was swift and painless. If she is being kept by someone else, I pray they give her all the love she deserves.

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5 Responses to It Rained

  1. Jana says:

    I am so, so sorry – there simply are no words – JBV

  2. Kaylene says:

    Oh this is sad, I always fear the day our Pusspuss does not come home, I do hope Peg finds her way home. Hugs

  3. debra says:

    The unknowing is so hard. I hope she finds her way back soon.

  4. Judi says:

    She’s such a sweet girl. I hope she returns to you soon. Lots of love – thinking of you!

  5. susan says:

    i read this, not really wanting to….sad stories involving pets make me upset inside and out. I have 3 indoor cats (one likes to try and make mad escapes) the other two are less inclined, preferring the cushy life inside. This brings back a memory of be bawling my eyes out and staying up until 2am looking for my daugher’s cat which decided to push out the screen in the 2nd floor sitting room window and make his way down the roof to the copper roof above the bay window and then to the sidewalk below, and have himself a grand time exploring the property. When i finally saw him run from under the deck by the pool and around the house i was in hot pursuit…only to sight of him. I searched the shrubs and the spring house by the pond, and then heard a couple of loud MEOW sounds coming from the sidewalk in front of the house….sure enough….there he was on the porch….jumped down and came running to meet me. I did not know if i wanted to kiss him or throw him in the pond!! i DO hope that this story turns out for the best….it breaks my hear that she is not with you…
    PS. She looks a lot like my Loki….the God of Mischief!

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