10 Truths About Me

 I signed up for this year-long e-course with Kim Klassen entitled Beyond Layers. I wanted to learn more about Photoshop and this course promised all that. Kim also stated that there would be “other” inspirational projects offered in this course through the year. Some of these “other” projects turned out to be creative writing exercises, which surprised me, but boy have I learned tons about myself, putting pen to paper. The exercise this week was to write 10 truths about myself so here goes:

1. The 1st thing you need to know about me is that I am tough as nails. I didn’t know this about myself a year ago. However, cancer, 2 surgeries, radiation, and chemo have a way of revealing the very core of oneself. I am tough as nails.

2. I have the great fortune to be married to my best friend, 31 years and counting.

3. I have a beautiful son, grown now and mapping his own way in the world. He has a kind smile, a quick wit, and has taught me much about the virtue of patience.

4. We share our lives & our home with a 3-legged cat we call Peg. All my life it seems stray cats are finding me and it was true with Peg. As with most cats, she is often aloof. But occasionally she will jump on the table where I’m working and butt her head against mine. I think she cares for me more than she wants to.

5. I’m an organizational freak. Our spice cabinet is alphabetized. When my husband cooks, he leaves the spices on the counter for me to put away, to ensure they return to their proper place on the shelf.

6. Along my artistic path, I’ve accumulated a variety of interests; photography, quilting, painting, rubber stamping, assemblage, and collage. I used to think this revealed an inability in myself to focus on one thing, but I’ve discovered a new phrase that describes my sort – a mixed-media artist.

7. Digging in the dirt and planting seeds while birds sing and a breeze kisses the forehead is my favorite time in the garden.

8. I’m up at 4:30am every morning. It is not a choice my brain has made, but one my body can’t ignore. I yearn to sleep till 7.

9. I ask the universe too many questions and receive few answers, but the ones that come humble me.

10. I recently met the old woman inside myself and am happy to report that though she moves a bit slower, her steps are sure. Her arms opened wide and in her embrace I heard her whisper “I love you.” The lump in my throat dissolved in her acceptance.

So, what are your 10 truths? If you would like to share them, please post the direct link to your blog, flickr, etc. where you posted your 10 things.

(photograph above was taken by Brian Hart with Lumix G Vario 14-140mm, f/5.6, ISO 400. I then added a layer that contained a photograph of butterflies painted on silkscreen)

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12 Responses to 10 Truths About Me

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Carol … thanks for sharing your list. Love the garden too … it’s always been a stress reliever for me, out there working. It sounds like you have a fabulous life. Take care 🙂

  2. Carol,
    Your lovely list of truths speaks volumes of your wisdom and glowing spirit. Thanks for lifting me up this evening; I feel blessed in sharing this wonderful BL course with you!

  3. Julie says:

    You are beautiful!! Your strong spirit shines through in your truths. For some reason your 10th truth brought tears to my eyes – beautiful!! Thank you for sharing yourself!! I look forward to seeing more of you beautiful spirit in BL

  4. nancyjean says:

    hi carol, your post is so inspiring. this is such a wonderful idea of Kim’s so we get to know alittle more about each other on this journey. thanks for sharing.

  5. You are a beautiful, wise woman and yes, I can tell, tough as nails! I just want to give you a hug!

  6. Maureen says:

    Hi Carol, you are Strong and Beautiful. Love your work and especially your sharing of 10 Truths. Take care, and say hi to Peg for me.

  7. Kathy says:

    You are one beautiful woman! And I have to say…one fantastic writer too. I was so drawn in to your words and how you express yourself. You need to add another talent to your list 🙂


  8. Jana says:

    OK – I know you well, quite well, and know most all of these truths deeply and personally – but number nine is one of the most profound and amazing things I have ever read, so deep, so personal, so real, so perfect!!- I love you so much – JBV

  9. Neringa says:

    Sincere and moving.. What a strong and beautiful woman you are…

  10. Jerri Johnson says:

    Wow! This gave me chills. I love the YOU painted by these words!!!

  11. Sandy Wildermuth says:

    I have been trying to create my list of 10 Truths as a challenge and assignment. It is difficult. Over the last 3 years my self-view has changed significantly. Perhaps I have had too much time to reflect on my failures as my first list is quite self-depreating. I am determined to take your lead and strive to find 10 Truths about myself that are positive and have some measure of pride. Thank you for this assignment.

  12. Lindy says:

    Very inspiring! And I’m not just saying that! I have been avoiding the 10 truths lesson since it came out, even though I publicly blogged that I would stop procrastinating and start ‘doing’! ( proof: http://lime-juiceandzest.blogspot.com.au/) I have shied away from it, probably with the fear that anything I said would sound silly or trite.
    I’m glad you’re tough. Reading that, I realised that I too must be tough – was diagnosed with breast cancer just over 12 months ago and have gone through similar treatment.
    And I’m smiling about your cat story. Our cat – a stray – visited about 7 years ago and never left!
    So thank you, your words have inspired me to have a go at this and put my fear of what other people might think right into the background.
    *rushes off to rearrange spices*

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