Reaching Out

My dear friend Catherine sent me this post card from the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX. These beautiful metal trees were sculpted by artist Roxy Paine – the same artist who sculpted the metal tree at our own Olympic Sculpture Garden in Seattle, WA. Don’t you just love how these trees are reaching out to one another? Roxy titled her piece “conjoined” so we understand they are touching, made contact. At the end of the day it’s what we all seek isn’t it? Making contact. And so, we reach out; through our actions, wanting to be seen; through our art, hoping to be understood; through our generosity, yearning to be embraced.

With this understanding we realize that others are doing the same. Someone is reaching out to us. This truth provides us with an opportunity to “be what we seek.” I can acknowledge what you do. I can stop, look, and truly see you. I can view your creations with eyes open – not to what I think, but what your spirit is showing me. I can stand here, arms wide, heart open, and embrace you.

(the second image is one of my art journal pages. inspired by the lyrics to “Autumn Leaves” and influenced by Roxy Paine’s metal tree sculpture “conjoined.” Watercolor gel sticks, acrylics, collage, embossing, stenciling, rubber stamping)

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  1. debra says:

    Beautiful photo and beautiful words~

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