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Journal entry: May 27,2016

I sit in the little cafe…my first time here. It is filled with people I don’t know. Many are laughing and smiling in a group. A few others are like me, wanting to be alone in a crowd right now.

I woke up at five thirty this morning to the sound of rushing water from the front pond, sounding louder than usual.

Reaching for the phone I see the text “my mom just died”. Eyes close…a few deep breaths…eyes open. The message is the same “my mom just died.”

I wanted to call but didn’t want to intrude. She is most certainly making arrangements to travel. So, I send a text “so so sorry. sending all my love. what can I do for you?” This feels empty. I need to call..need to hear her voice. I won’t keep her long.

We talk for awhile. I can hear the shock in her voice. Not because she hasn’t suffered a personal loss before because she has. However in those cases she had the chance to say goodbye. But not this time…not this time.

Out of respect for her privacy, I will not mention my friend’s name. I will share some of what she spoke of this morning. Though her mother was elderly and frail, she was not suffering a terminal illness so naturally her death comes as a shock. As a result of this sudden death, my friend was unable to be with her mom when she passed.

Several times during the course of our conversation this morning, she said how grateful she was for the fact that she had just spoken to her mother the day before and they had a chance to say “I love you” to one another.

It is times like these when we are keenly reminded that though we can certainly make plans for tomorrow, all we really have is today…right now…this moment. Now is always the best time to give those close to us a super big hug…to tell them we love them with all our hearts. We can do this now. I can do this now.

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15 Responses to Fragile Things

  1. Barbara Carroll says:

    No words. Just so beautifully written to my heart.

  2. your post and your photo are heartbreaking…but a good reminder of the present moment…

  3. Susan Bolton says:

    Old or young, heathy or ill….we are never prepared for our loved ones to pass. A great reminder to know that in just one day, everything can change forever. The fragile photo is beautiful and the post very touching.

  4. Darlene says:

    Beautiful post and photo
    Prayers for your friend – I wasn’t there with my dad last year when he passed but I had been the week before and made peace with him, the situation and the universe. I got to speak to him the day before he died and heard him say I love you too after I told him I loved him. It’s never easy

  5. Carolyn says:

    Life is so fragile and fleeting, we are all only one phone call away from our lives being forever changed. As I age, I have to keep reminding myself that tomorrow is not promised. Thinking of you as you sorrow for your friend. You always feel so helpless.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear…it’s a very helpless feeling isn’t it? I cherish my daily conversation with my mom…and we always tell each other “I love you” when we finish our chat. I know it’s very possible I won’t be by her side as well when the day comes due to distances…but will feel so good in my heart that I made a difference every day…hang in there.

  7. You always have a way with words and as I have said before it is how I remember you at SS with your journal on the sofa. Such a beautiful tribute for friendship. I am sorry for your loss and your friend.

  8. Ann Davis says:

    Your words and beautiful photos say it all.

  9. Cheryl M says:

    So sorry for your friend’s loss and for you as I’m sure you’re hurting with her. Beautiful appropriate and so appropriate with your beautiful post. Hugs!

  10. Jana Vargas says:

    Thank you for this my beautiful friend, you know me, you know me, you see me. I can say my name, I am Jana and my mom just died. I can say it and I can say it, I am Jana and my mom just died, I am Jana and my mom just died. Good or bad or a mixture of all things, there is nothing quite like the force of a mother in our lives. I hurt, my sisters hurt, our hearts are broken wide open, but I know this means they will fill with more love and our ability to love will grow even bigger as our shattered hearts expand to encompass this. I love you friend, I love you, I love you and thank you.

  11. Beverly says:

    Very beautifully written…the words go beyond what we often say or think. Losing a loved one is such an empty feeling. Hugs to you and I know you’ll be there for your friend.

  12. Bev says:

    Such beauty, compassion and wisdom Carol. Your words and beautiful image, such a lovely tribute to your friend and her dearly departed Mother.

    Each person, every day and moment in it . . . such a gift. Thank you for sharing. Hugs 💓

  13. Kelly Kardos says:

    I’m so sorry for your friends loss. It is just never easy. Your words gently remind us that life is fleeting…live daily to the fullest and ALWAYS tell the ones you love…You Love Them.

  14. Eileen Sottovia says:

    Oh Carol so sorry for your friend’s loss and the sadness it brought to you. Your photo and writing are a poignant reminder of how fragile life is. Hugs. Be well 💗

  15. Jill Ruskamp says:

    So true. This moment is all we know.

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