Food Photography – Working with Natural Light

Food Photography – Working with Natural Light



Hello everyone! Just a quick announcement to let you know I’m over at Kim Klassen’s beautiful site again this month to discuss food photography and natural light.


There are these images on the site, as well as







a video in which I talk a little bit about working with natural light, advantages and disadvantages, and a few tools you can use to control the light a bit. Hope to see you THERE!

ps – the link to the recipe for this chocolate bark is also on Kim’s site!



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4 Responses to Food Photography – Working with Natural Light

  1. Wonderful video! Thanks for all the tips…especially using live view…had not thought of that! Always appreciate you being so giving of your knowledge!

  2. great tips, thanks for sharing your work. I have only used live view once or twice, I might have to check out my manual to understand how it works a little better! I can see some advantages to using it now

  3. Each one is beautiful Carol.

  4. Rosie Grey says:

    Another gorgeous video, Carol! I love how you explain everything in such a clear and understandable way – fantastic!

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