My Interview on The Photo Argus

My Interview on Photo Argus


A couple of weeks ago Tim Kok with The Photo Argus reached out from Flickr to ask if he could interview me for this beautiful site. I actually thought it was a bit of a hoax! Who would want to interview me? And for The Photo Argus no less! If you don’t know this site, I hope you will not only click the link below to read the interview, but take a bit of time to click through their site. It is full of inspiring interviews and images from other photographers. They also post tips and little tutorials. So worth the time.

I did respond to Tim and he did post the interview. I’m thrilled of course and it prompted me to look back on my photography to determine exactly when I was bit by the food photography bug. It was 2014 and I was involved in one of Kim Klassen’s year long classes. She had had a breakfast prompt and I worked on a blueberry muffin project. I was hooked. After that every prompt I decided to make it food focused. The picture above was a prompt for high key and back lit. It was not hugely popular with the group but I still enjoy it as I think it speaks to my desire to celebrate and bring out the details of food, embrace the texture, tell the story with contrast, and perhaps with a little drama.

The link is HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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6 Responses to My Interview on The Photo Argus

  1. Beverly says:

    Congratulations Carol. The interview was very interesting to read, but visually, gorgeous food photography! And this image is one of my favorites. What a fabulous journey you’ve taken this past year.

  2. How cool to have your photography go to the next level. I am thrilled for you and your food photography. I know only good things will come from you in whatever you do. I will check the link as I don’t know this one. I am sure you did a wonderful interview. And by the way popular is overrated…..I love the image. It is like being back in high school. Have a great week.

  3. Karen Olson says:

    How exciting Carol! Well of course they would want to interview you – you’re awesome!!

  4. Jana Vargas says:

    How awesome, and how well deserved – no surprise to me your food photography is being noticed and revered your work is spectacular because not only are you a wonderful photographer, you have a deep respect for and love of food- From what I have read, many food stylists use things to make the food camera ready, making it inedible, I know from having eaten so many of your wonderful dishes that you are actually taking pics of food you are about to eat – there is an honor in that. Congratulations!! Well deserved, JBV

  5. What a great interview and so great to see many more of your images! Just realized you are on instagram so am following you now! Thanks always for your inspiration!!

  6. Sorry for the additional post…but I failed to mention a couple of things…thank you for sharing the resource – Photo Argus and your comment about writing down and or sketching out potential photo shoots! Great info!

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