Spring Is Here!

Spring Is Here!


New chive shoots coming up in their pots


Hydrangea leaves opening


Hellebores bowing their heads


They are the first blossoms to appear in my garden in Springtime




Black mondo grass embraces Japanese Spurge


Viburnum Larreri ‘Nanum” blossoms. Quite fragrant



The pots have been anxiously waiting for this moment



And now it is time for me to get out there because Spring is here!


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8 Responses to Spring Is Here!

  1. Barbara says:

    That double black one be stillllllll my heart! Wish I could grow them here.

  2. cathy says:

    Yes, that double black one is something. Beautiful spring photos!

  3. Yep, that one is a stunner! Here’s to spring and digging in the dirt!

  4. Dotti says:

    Yes! Beautiful signs of spring! I know it makes your heart beat just a little faster. I just took a photo of our first crocus and am waiting for the daffodils and jonquils that are trying ever so hard to bloom. Enjoy!

  5. Kate says:

    Thanks for the peeks of spring. The snow is melting today and the temps are in the 40’s. Looking forward to seeing some grass. Your photos are giving me hope. Love the Hellebores.

  6. Kelly Kardos says:

    Love your spring shots!!!

  7. Roxi says:

    Oh! Love love. That black one! Oh man. My peony peeked out of the ground today.

  8. Ann Davis says:

    Your garden is so lovely. I am excited to watch it bloom this year. I am so ready for
    As always thank you for sharing.

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