A Couple Cooks – Final Offerings

A Couple Cooks – Final Offerings

So, you all know I’ve been cooking through A Couple Cooks food blog. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have learned a few things in the process. Here are my final offerings from this blog. First up 

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Thai Cucumber Salad with Cashews. This salad was so flavorful and I just love the crunch of the cucumbers and cashews in this. Going forward with this I would toast the cashews, just to bring out their sweetness and add a bit of color. Then we went for

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Dan’s Dal Makhani. Wow. Both Brian & I enjoyed this so much. Real authentic Indian flavor with the cumin seeds, chili powder, coriander, garam masala, and cayenne pepper adding such aroma and bite to this dish. Definitely a keeper! After that I was inspired by

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Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai. Believe it or not I had never cooked spaghetti squash before, but I totally loved it and the use of it in place of the typical Pad Thai noodles was inspired! When I first put this plate in front of Brian & told him what it was he was like “hmmm”, but then he bit in and said “wow”! 

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 I see more spaghetti squash in my future! The last recipe was a real education for me

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The recipe called for sprouted lentils

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I had never sprouted lentils before but found the whole experience entertaining and educational. It took only two days to sprout these babies. Lentils are a bit hard for the body to digest, but when sprouted the body can easily digest and yield more of the vitamins and nutrients in them. To learn more about sprouting lentils, check out this WEBSITE. So with these lentils we made

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Hearty Sprouted Lentil Stew with Kale. Wow, this was a total home run! You basically start with onions, carrots,  and celery, add some garlic, then the aromatic spices, some canned diced tomatoes, vegetable stock, and the lentil sprouts, cook it down, then add some Kale.

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Such a beautiful thing. We also drizzled a bit of Truffle Oil on top just to add to the earthiness of the stew. Will be doing this again for sure!

So, what do I think of A Couple Cooks site? It’s awesome. If you are looking for some vegetarian, simple to prepare meals, I would recommend checking them out. Super good.


And now for the month of March. I’ve decided to play along with my friend Deborah Balint  from her Instagram feed @rainydaybites. She hosts a cookbook club and every month she chooses a cookbook to cook from and posts her pictures. Beautiful pictures and her dialog about each recipe she tries is insightful. All of her photos are taken with her iPhone and if you have a moment I hope you will check her out. The book we will be working from is

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A Broad Fork by Hugh Acheson. The title alone speaks to my gardener’s heart. Hugh is the author of the James Beard Foundation Award Winning Cookbook A New Turn In The South. This book is his latest offering and it proves to be a great one. So looking forward to what I will learn from him.

So that’s it from me this time. Hope your late winter / early spring has been kind to you. Cheers!


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7 Responses to A Couple Cooks – Final Offerings

  1. Sherry says:

    I used to sprout beans years ago. Think I will start again! And thanks for the new pad Thai idea — I love spaghetti squash. Great post Carol.

  2. Barbara says:

    I think I would like Dan’s dish, will have to look into that one. I love Indian food, we all ate at a restaurant in London twice that was the best for Indian food. That is how much we all love it. So definitely will have to check. I can’t believe you have never cooked Spaghetti Squash as much as you cook, come out of your closet……and join in the fun. Oh wait a minute you did! All the dishes are photographed in your wonderful style.

  3. Ann Davis says:


    When I think it will not get better. As we say. Bam!!! There you both
    Go again!!. Maybe you could just make room at your table for 2 more.

    Thank you.

  4. Savory images as always! I’ve enjoyed following this couple for a long time now…periodically tossing recipes to my husband to prepare. Thanks for showcasing the lentil stew…it looks and sounds amazing!

  5. Diana Foster says:

    Wow, the Pad Thai and lentil soup look yummy.

  6. Jana Vargas says:

    Everything looks so good!! Love following your culinary adventures – thanks- JBV

  7. all of the recipes you cooked sound so great – and definitely something that would be a hit in this house! I’ll have to give them a try…
    I was likewise intrigued by rainydaybites cookbook selection this month – I’ll be watching eagerly what you cook! thanks for being the test kitchen!

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