Little Studio Light Demo

Lowell EGO Studio Light Demo

Hello everyone! Just popping in to share this little lighting demo. Last month our little video made it’s debut on Kim Klassen’s blog and now am sharing it here just in case you missed it or perhaps are not following Kim’s site (and why is that?!)

Studio Light Demo from Carol Hart on Vimeo.

You might want to pop by Kim’s site too because in addition to my video she included a lovely video from Xanthe Berkley that you won’t want to miss. So beautiful.



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5 Responses to Little Studio Light Demo

  1. Carolyn says:

    I purchased this light along with the softbox. Once I am feeling better, and then back from China, I plan to seriously master this lighting stuff. Thanks for all your help behind the scenes. You have been amazing.

  2. Barbara says:

    Good little video and tutorial.

  3. Hello Carol! Several things here…

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog…thank you. I learned about you and your beautiful photography through your posting on Kim’s blog.

    Your terrific video has been instrumental in helping me set up my own studio. Just to help jog your memory because you had so many comments…I asked about your additional lighting. As I’m sure you are aware the small table light that was showcased isn’t available anywhere that I can find on the internet and is backordered everywhere. You mentioned to me that there would be a video to share about the other lighting in your studio. I don’t want to be a pest…but I have limited time to work on my personal still life photography project and get my studio in shape to do so because of all my travels. Would you mind emailing me the info on any suggestions that you may have regards to purchasing a light that you have experience with?

    Even though I’m in Cambodia at the moment…I’m drooling over your pate in your recent posting!

    Thanks ever so much! Robin

  4. Jill Ruskamp says:

    Thank you for sharing all of this! I’ve had studio lighting on my radar for quite awhile and will hopefully, soon, be purchasing. I thought I saw a flash also fire in the video? Did you use a camera flash too? That may have been the edit of the video I realize. I used to be at Kim’s a number of times a week and that has dropped off…I need to go visit again!! Pronto!

  5. Becca says:

    This is so beautiful and informative Carol, thank you for sharing!

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