Green Kitchen Stories – A New Chapter

Green Kitchen Stories A New Chapter


So, I’ve been at my computer, which makes Peg very happy because she gets to be in my face, begging for head butts and drooling on the keyboard (really need to get a keyboard saver here!) Instead of sitting in my chair tagging recipes in a cookbook that I want to explore, I’m on the computer looking at the beautiful website of Green Kitchen Stories. Here’s what I’ve discovered thus far;


Had to go with the Linguine della via de gotta Pinta 45 because, well…it’s pasta! There you have it, my total weakness,


and this one was a beauty. Filled with my favorites; pasta, garlic, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, borlotti beans, Olives (castavatrano, than you very  much), along with basil. black pepper, and a bit of parmigiano reggiano. So good. Then we went to


Moroccan Vegetable Tagine, which doesn’t really need an official “tagine” vessel; honestly a deep dish skillet would do the trick, but hey, we had a tagine so why not?


I will say though that we found it a bit dry so while I was finishing this up, Brian whipped up a quick yellow curry (recipe at the end of this post). God bless him, truly saved the dish. After that we went with what the site calls the “No-Recipe” Curry”, which is of course a recipe!


We decided to serve this up with a bit of quinoa


Which I’m glad we did because we both felt that a bit of texture was a welcome addition. Finally, this week we tried a recipe that the mere title demanded attention


The New Yoga Pot. I have to admit, that the title of this dish caught my eye because a very, very dear friend of mine is a yoga devotee so thought this was worth a look see.


Everything we’ve cooked from on this website has been delicious, though I will say that their recipes are driven by yellow, most specifically turmeric. It makes everything yellow. Don’t get me wrong I love the color yellow and the purposed health benefits of turmeric are not lost on me. Photographically…I long for a splash of red! But hey, this is me being selfish. All of this food is delicious and I just know has health benefits yet to be measured. In the meantime, Neither Brain or I feel the least bit slighted.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope your palette is being satisfied to your best content.

Brian’s Quick Yellow Curry

1 can coconut milk

3 Tablespoons yellow curry paste

3 teaspoons fish sauce

1 Tablespoon Palm Sugar (Brown Sugar works here as well)

Throw all of this in a small saucepan and bring to a simmer for about 5 minutes. Serve over your favorite sautéed , braised, or roasted vegetables.



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10 Responses to Green Kitchen Stories – A New Chapter

  1. Diana Foster says:

    Wow, that first pic is spectacular. All the recipes look wonderful. Love following your journey, friend.

  2. Barbara says:

    Made me smile about Peg, such a sweet kitty. Love the shot and the fork in the pasta, cook idea for cooking shot.

  3. Linda Hoye says:

    Your photos are stunning and if I wasn’t already on the lookout for new vegetarian recipes I would be after seeing this post! Going to check out Green Kitchen Stories. P.S. I’m here from Kim Klassen’s site.

  4. barb says:

    that first picture is wow. I just want to come to your house for dinner PLEASE!

  5. Sherry G. says:

    So glad I stopped by today. In addition to always enjoying your food images, some of these recipes would be perfect for chaffing up on a sailboat. Appreciate Brian’s curry recipe. We are lovers of curry and turmeric.

  6. Susan Bolton says:

    Great post on the Green Kitchen Stories! Your recipes look very delicious and healthy! Thanks for sharing the Curry Sauce recipe!

  7. Ann Davis says:


    So awesome today. Just had to smile when you mentioned the color. That will happen sometimes I will look down and everything will be the same color and David will come over and he will say is the the orange dinner 🙂

    As always, Thank you for sharing a little part of you and Brian.

  8. seabluelee says:

    Brian’s curry sounds delicious! I love the fork standing upright in the linguini! That’s something I haven’t seen before and it makes for an original and eye-catching photo.

  9. Kelly Kardos says:

    Such a sweet kitty. I love your food shots Carol. I love to cook and am constantly scouring for new recipes.

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