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I love going to a spa and having my body totally exfoliated. My skin always feels more alive, softer, and has a glow about it. Of course, that’s not something I have the time or money to do very often. Yet, your skin needs that kind of regular attention, especially in the winter time when the cold weather and the heat in your home can dry your skin out.


 Human skin is amazing; it protects the body, skin sensation transmits information to the brain about its surroundings, i.e. hot, cold, etc. It helps regulate body temperature, it plays a role within the immune system, enables movement and growth without injury, helps the body climate waste through perspiration, and synthesis Vitamin D from UVB ultraviolet light (daylight).


With all of that going on, it stands to reason that we would want to keep our skin in the best condition possible. Of course what we put into our bodies via food, drink, smoking, drugs, etc. play a huge roll, but how we care for the outside of the skin is important for good skin health. One of the best things we can do is exfoliate. We can do that by dry brushing our skin before entering the shower. We can use exfoliating gloves to soap up our bodies, ideally with a triple-milled French soap, and we can use an exfoliant.


There are many commercial varieties on the market, all in varying prices and some containing ingredients I struggle to pronounce. But we don’t have to spend all that money or worry about what is in these products. We can make our own exfoliant at home, with things you may already have in your pantry.


Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub makes a fantastic exfoliant for your whole body (recipe below). You can use it on  your face by gently rubbing small amounts of it in a circular motion, then wash off, blot your face dry and follow with your favorite moisturizer.


It can be used on your whole body. Gently rub small amounts of it in a circular motion, starting at the bottom of your legs, and working your way up toward the heart. Across the arms also starting from your wrists and working up to your heart, from your neck to your heart and from your hips up to your heart. Wash off, blot dry and follow up with moisturizer.


Its also great for your feet, but please, not in the shower. Shower + slippery feet = Dangerous situation! Instead use it during your weekly foot soak. And of course its great for your hands. Just rub it in, be sure to get to all the cuticle areas, then wash off and apply moisturizer.


It’s super easy to make. Simply measure out the coconut oil (please don’t melt the oil, keep it solid) into a bowl. Add the sugar & citrus zest (I went with lemon here, but orange or grapefruit would be lovely too). Then spend some time massaging the sugar and zest into the oil. This will take a bit of time. You want to be sure and break down any coconut oil lumps you feel. The upside to this is after all the ingredients have been thoroughly incorporated, your hands will feel silky smooth after you wash them! Then, simply scoop the mixture into a container and there you have it, a lovely, effective exfoliant for a fraction of the cost of any commercial brand.


This also makes a lovely gift! So, what do you think? Give it a try. Your skin will thank you!


Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

2 cups coconut oil

1 cup granulated sugar

4 tablespoons citrus fruit zest

Massage the sugar and zest into the coconut oil and work out any coconut oil lumps until you have a smooth mixture. Place in a container. To use, rub small amounts on your face, body, or feet (don’t use on your feet in the shower…danger! Instead use as part of your weekly foot soak regime.)

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope the first month of the new year has been filled with many blessings.


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10 Responses to Home Spa

  1. Barbara says:

    Love all the bits and pieces to these layouts Carol. Lovely images as always. Here in the desert our skins are always in need of these types of products.

  2. Diana Foster says:

    Love these tips (especially for Winter skin). Stunning images. Love to come visit. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. Yes lovely images. I bought the book thanks to you and then I bought one for daughters. I really love the way it is organized for us. I am not doing the cleanse, but I am going to cook a lot out of it. Simplicity is important to me. Having said that have you checked out GJELINA.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Fantastic . .. and so timely . .. I love this post and the dry weather here is brutal. Will be giving my skin a treat this week. This spa at home treatment is physically and emotionally therapeutic!!!

    Love your photo story … amazing.

  5. Heidi says:

    I have been using coconut oil for many years now and I love it for all kinds of reasons Carol, I love this post as I do all and I need to make some…

  6. Wonderful post. I’m going to try this. I have all the ingredients. Thanks for the beautiful images and instructions.

  7. Kelly Kardos says:

    I actually pulled a couple of recipes for lemon scrubs from an old Willow and Sage publication. I’m determined to make it and I’m hoping to give as gifts next Christmas. I love your photos…they really look like you took them at a high end spa. xo

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  9. seabluelee says:

    Carol, this post is just as “delicious” as your cooking photos and recipe reviews. 🙂

  10. Lissa says:

    Even in our wet Pacific Northwest, my skin always gets dry in the winter, and needs some extra TLC. Thank you for the images (lovely as always!) and the tips. I make an olive oil and lemon scrub, but it isn’t especially pretty. This coconut oil version is so beautiful, I plan to make a batch this week!

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