Out with the old…


It is a tradition at our house to “take down Christmas” the day after New Year’s day. Today was all about that. It’s always a lot of work, but these days it seems to take me longer than I can remember to do this so… a restful moment with a cup of tea at the midway point was in order.


I’m really glad I did. Seemed like this was the perfect time to reflect, not only on the holidays, but this past year.


Taking a little time to focus on all the details that became the days of my life these last 365 days.


So many blessings I’ve lost count. There has been hardship too, but we are here, right now, in this moment.


Feeling much gratitude for my family and friends and all the love given and received.

Wishing everyone the best of everything in this new year.


PS – isn’t the little whisk broom adorable? I found it at a lovely little shop in Vancouver, BC over the New Year holiday called Granville Island Broom Co.  They make all of their brooms by hand in the traditional way. Worth checking out. They also have an online presence.

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10 Responses to Out with the old…

  1. Kelly says:

    Just gorgeous all of it

  2. Nice reflections my friend. Here’s to a wonderful 2016!

  3. Ann Davis says:

    I love reading your posts they give me a minute or 2 to sit and do my reflecting. Thank You. Your photography just continues to dazzles and shine and inspire.
    Have a wonderful start of this new year. I look forward to your reviews and your pictures.
    Also. I heard you and Kim loud and clear in your interview. My watermark came off my photos and it does look better. ❤️💕 Where you speaking to me 😉

  4. Barbara says:

    So agree that it takes longer to do things, I have been saying that for so long it just feels hurtful sometimes. Glad you were able to reflect back on your past year with perspective and love. Many more memories to come in the New Year.

  5. Beverly says:

    Yes to that broom! It is nice to know some things are still made by hand…to me that is quality. Lovely reflection on the year…I adore your style and your thoughtful words. Wishing you a very wonderful 2016 from Indiana. Cheers!!

  6. seabluelee says:

    The little broom is indeed beautiful. I love things that are handmade and beautiful as well as useful. So much the better if they serve as a great photo prop! Putting up and taking down Christmas started to feel so overwhelming to me at one point that I stopped almost completely for a few years. I’m doing more now but keeping it simpler, which has reduced the time and work and brought the pleasure of it back. Wishing you and your sweetheart a wonderful new year!

  7. just beautiful all of them, I just did this today , and it is true, it takes more time every year. Happy new year

  8. Diana Foster says:

    Beautiful images of your decorations. I hear what you are saying about things taking longer these days. Always love coming to visit.

  9. Dotti says:

    A lovely and thoughtful post. Sending a hug and wishes for a happy, healthy, love-filled, laugh-filled, blessing-filled new year.

  10. Gorgeous Images. I took everything down this year early and in record speed . Not sure why but it just happened.
    Happy New Year

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