Gallery 2011 tab added to my blog!

I decided to look at the photographs and and art pieces I’ve produced this year to get a feel for where my art journey is taking me. Though not all, my favorites are collected in the Gallery 2011 tab right here on my blog. May your art journey be an insightful one.

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Thank you in advance for respecting my art. All the images and text posted to this blog are owned my me and protected by copyright law. Copying any of the content here without permission is against the law and you know, not cool. Many thanks again.
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2 Responses to Gallery 2011 tab added to my blog!

  1. Karen Katz says:

    Dear Carol, this afternoon,I picked up an object on the corner of the computer screen check- out desk in the middle of the 5th Avenue side floor of the Seattle Public Library. At first, I thought the woman in front of me had forgotten her keys, yet she had bagged her videos and was a hand’s width away from the piece and didn’t pick it up. Light sparkled in my eyes when I turned it over and read “CONGRATULATIONS! You now own a piece of Random Art!…”I took the piece over to the Friend Shop and showed it to the gal working there and she copied down your email address. The piece has the elongated heart shape pendant showing the Eiffel Tower, attached to the “Beylier Freres” paper clay impress. The piece is gorgeous and I am debating whether to pass it on (Flat Stanley- style) to a retired librarian I know on Long Island who happens to be a long ago French immigrant. Or perhaps I will send it my water colorist sister. On this penultimate day of 2011, along with the glittering sunlight, finding you work of art bodes well for the spirit in the New Year.

    • Carol says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a message on my blog! Clearly that art piece has found its way into the right hands. Wishing you a very, very Happy New Year!
      ~Sincerely, Carol

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