My Fall Plate


Thought I’d take a moment and share what is on my Fall plate this year. I actually kicked off the first few days of Autumn at Kim Klassen‘s ‘Finding Stillness‘ workshop (yesterday’s post.) It was a great experience, not only to see Kim’s lovely space, but to connect with some wonderful women…kind, creative, gentle souls.

I continue to make my way through a cookbook a month. September was Seven Spoons by Tara O’Brady. Cookbook review coming on Tuesday 10/6 and will announce the book for October at that time as well.

Brian & I will be attending the Northwest Tea Festival Saturday 10/3. It’s being held at the Seattle Center. I’ve never been to this event so am looking forward to learning a lot about tea.

Brian decided that it was time for new kitchen cabinets, countertop, and sink so beginning the middle of October the kitchen will be closed for this big project. They tell me the whole thing should take 4 weeks. Not sure how well I will be able to cook through recipes with a closed kitchen, but I’m gonna give it a try! We are also hoping to host the family Thanksgiving dinner this year but that will depend on this kitchen thing. Fingers crossed.

Super excited about my upcoming workshop with Sara & Hugh Forte from Sprouted Kitchen fame. Sara is the chef and food stylist. Hugh is the photographer. The workshop will be held at Aran Goyoaga’s studio (aka Cannelle et Vanille) downtown Seattle. Two days of bliss from 10/17 – 10/18. I plan to soak up all the inspiration & information I can!

Just finished Tara Austen Weaver’s memoir ‘Orchard House‘. Such a wonderful story about a garden in Seattle and the family that grew there. Tara is the editor of Edible Seattle magazine, a lovely publication about food happenings around the area with recipes as well. I never miss an issue! She also has a lovely blog called Tea & Cookies.

Still much to do in the garden to clean it up for winter. I’ve been saving cardboard so I can sheet mulch the vegetable beds. Once all the kitchen cabinets are unpacked I should have plenty of cardboard for my project!

Music choices switch out a bit around here in the Fall as well. Right now I’m into Jazz standards. One of my absolute favorite pieces is “Autumn Leaves”. It was originally written by Joseph Kosma in 1945 (in French.) The English version was written by Johnny Mercer in 1947. Edith Piaf once sang the song in both French & English. Many artists have performed this classic, but so far my favorite recording is by Paula Cole. The link below takes you to a YouTube that pairs the song with lovely portraits of famous female actors. You can see & listen HERE.


Barring any surprise trips, that’s pretty much us for Fall. What’s going on in your next of the woods this season?


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10 Responses to My Fall Plate

  1. You have much on your PLATE! Couldn’t resist that, sorry. Love your beauty in your plate settings. I think you so deserve a wonderful new kitchen, bravo to Brain for doing this for you both love to cook.

  2. Beverly says:

    Love your Fall plate…especially eyeing the linen crinkled napkin. I always loved “Autumn Leaves” too Carol. Wow, your month sounds like a very busy and exciting time. Glad you have a few outings planned. And a new kitchen sounds fabulous, especially for two people who love cooking!!

  3. wow…that’s quite a schedule…and a new kitchen in the works – that’s pretty exciting! your table settings are gorgeous – really gets me in the fall mood…and your mention of Autumn Leaves…brings back the memory of hearing that as a child…my dad playing his favorite Tony Bennett record,,,

  4. seabluelee says:

    You’re a brave soul to take on a kitchen remodel a month before Thanksgiving! I hope all goes smoothly and well. I have no doubt the result will be wonderful and look forward to seeing your new kitchen and all you will create there, both as cook and photographer. Wishing you a happy Fall! It sounds like it will be fun and fulfilling.

  5. cathy says:

    Sounds like lots of excitement coming your way.

  6. Ann Davis says:

    Love the photos. The book review looks great. After just going through a total kitchen remodel. Backup plans are always good. 😊🍁💕🎀. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Sarah says:

    Good luck with the kitchen. We need to do that, but I keep putting it off. Shooting for next year, hopefully Mallory will have moved back out by that time.

  8. Dotti says:

    Your fall plates are lovely! And you know I’m tea-green with envy about your tea workshop. Wow! And a kitchen rehab! Wowzer! Although I know the doing of it will be challenging. Still, I think I’m getting closer to trying. Good luck!

  9. Kelly Kardos says:

    Oh my~ you DO have a full plate this month. How exciting tho about a new kitchen…my dream is to have a cooks kitchen…someday! One more reason to move to Seattle! That workshop…right up my alley. I’m going over to check out Tara’s blog when I’m done here.Beautiful styling on the photo Carol. xo

  10. Carolyn says:

    How lovely to visit your blog today and catch up. You have been busy . .. and will be extra busy with a kitchen remodel . . we did that 8 years ago and used the bbq, toaster oven and induction cook plate and survived quite well. Believe it or not I actually sunk to using good qualily paper plates as doing dishes in the bathroom sink or a small bar sink didn’t appeal to me. Was sure glad to get back to normal. Have been missing my kitchen during this last few months and my visiting with your photos and my books.

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