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In the month of August I explored Anna Jones’ first cookbook, A Modern Way To Eat. All of the recipes are vegetarian and some are also vegan and gluten free. Though Brian & I are meat eaters, we are striving to include more meatless meals into our diet. I feel this book will be a good one to have on hand to help with that endeavor.

Because Brian is a huge fan of cauliflower I decided to try her Bay Leaf & Saffron-roasted cauliflower


Flavors were great, albeit a bit dry. There are golden raisins in this and next time I will plump them up first before adding them. Next was Honey Roasted Radishes


This was super tasty and I’m usually not a big fan of radishes as I find them to be a tad bitter – but prepared this way really mellowed that out. They would be a super appetizer on their own or added to a salad, plus they look pretty! We have a fondness for quesadillas so had to go for her Speedy Sweet Potato variety


First time I’ve prepared quesadillas without cheese – didn’t miss it at all! We served this with a side salad for a light dinner. To satisfy my pasta craving I next prepared the Avocado & Lemon Zest Spagetti


The yellow cherry tomatoes were not called for in the recipe but I added them because, well, we are over-run with tomatoes from our garden. Was a good addition to this already tasty pasta dish. There are a good number of snack recipes including this Spiced Salt Caramel Popcorn


Good flavors here but oh so sticky! This is one recipe I probably wouldn’t do again as I’m not a huge fan of popcorn and super sticky fingers kinda creeps me out! (But don’t you love the mattress springs I used for this shot? The lovely Amy Duncan of Four Corners Design gifted these to me. Hours & hours of entertainment!) We also harvested potatoes from our garden so thought I could put them to use in this Caramelized Leek & New Potato Salad


I just love anything with leeks in it and this was so good. Of all the recipes I tried, this is probably my favorite. Because of all the tomatoes from our garden, I decided to cook the Tomato & Coconut Cassoulet


Intriguing mix of flavors here but overall a bit too liquid. Probably because I had used fresh tomatoes instead of the canned ones called for. I think if I had seeded the tomatoes it would have been better. Will give this one another go. Finally decided to try one of Anna’s lemonade variations: Blueberry Mint Lemonade


I had a lot of blueberries from the garden so made good use of them in this recipe. Super refreshing and it was fun to photograph too! Brian also discovered it makes a great base for a cocktail and added some vodka to one of his servings!

Overall I find this to be a great book to have on hand. Whether you are a seasoned vegetarian cook, just beginning, or like us, simply wanting more meatless meals in your diet – this book is a good resource. There is a great soup chart where you pick items from these categories; base layer, herb, spice, main body, back-up flavor, making it more substantial, and finishing. Quite brilliant really.

So, for the month of September I will be cooking out of this book


I’m pretty excited about Seven Spoons by Tara O-Brady. The book itself is beautiful – lots of great photographs & I’ve been following her blog by the same name for a time now. She also has a gift for telling stories so reading both her blog and her book is a treat. Until next time…

Bon Appetit!

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated.

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7 Responses to Cookbook Review – A Modern Way To Eat

  1. Fun series Carol, and a beautiful way to showcase your photography. The radishes sound quite good and different. You were in a cooking frenzy this past month and nice to see your efforts.

  2. Jana Vargas says:

    You are too much fun, love reading about your cooking adventures and seeing the gorgeous pics. Can’t wait for the next one!!- JBV

  3. seabluelee says:

    I have to admit that this cookbook doesn’t appeal to me as much as some of the others you have reviewed, but I love hearing and seeing the results of your trials. And as always, your photography is stunning! I’ll be looking forward to next month and Seven Spoons.

  4. Sherry G. says:

    Some of the recipes here really intrigue me and I would try them. But ALL the images are just stunning. So well staged and shot!

  5. Ann Davis says:

    Wonderful review. Love the pictures and the food looked awesome.
    Thank you


  6. Carolyn says:

    I so look forward to your posts and recipe reviews. It goes without saying that your food photography is beyond spectacular and I am always enticed to purchase the book you are reviewing!!!!

    Looking forward to this next month of reviews.

  7. Thanks for this great review. Since my husband is vegetarian and I eat very little meat, I’m all over this one. We do eat fish, but I’m always looking for fun vegetarian recipes.

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