New Mexico – Beauty in the Desert


Brian & I were in New Mexico for a few days for my family reunion. However, we did get a chance to get out with our cameras and capture some of this beautiful area.


These sweet sunflowers are growing wild everywhere. Some people here actually consider them weeds and mow them down. I think they are beautiful.


_DSC1722My sister lives in Nogal, Nw Mexico, which is in the Southeastern part of the state. Their area is more in the hills so it is more green than in other parts of the state.



Brian doing his thing!


_DSC1738Probably not my best picture but was drawn to the jelly & jam promotional painting on the side of this abandoned building so had to share.

_DSC1743About 3 years ago there was a terrible fire in this area so there are many black, dead tree skeletons standing in the hills. Already green grasses have grown back at the base. Nature finds a way.


Many long-needle pines in this area. So graceful.



Lots of old fences, still serving a purpose.


We ran across this great old abandoned motel along the highway heading toward Roswell.


_DSC1782Love the fact that amidst the ruins of this old motel, this lovely rose bush still offers her best blossoms.


_DSC1787I’ll be back next week to resume the “Table Questions” theme post. Just wanted to share these while the memory of this place is still fresh in my mind.

Thank you all so much for stopping by. Means so much.


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8 Responses to New Mexico – Beauty in the Desert

  1. Diana Foster says:

    Stunning light Carol. Love, love, love. Adore your images.

  2. cheryl says:

    It is always so nice to do your own thing when traveling for another purpose…you sure capture this area so nicely in your photo’s…glad you weren’t staying at that motel…LOL. The roses by the old doorway were really lovely though..Nature doing it’s own thing…
    I bet the re-union was fun also..

  3. Linda says:

    It is such a treat to see these pictures! Thanks for sharing them! I love the Land of Enchantment and visit as often as possible. One of our routes takes us through Roswell. We see the devastation from the wildfires in Lincoln National Forest around Ruidoso. Watching the forest return is truly amazing. New Mexico is a beautiful place.

  4. I never thought of this part of the country as desert, sure doesn’t look like the desert here or in CA for sure. Such a shame what fires can do when it takes hold, although I keep hearing in the back of my mind as it is Mother Natures way of making for new growth. Love the wild sunflowers also.

  5. Carolyn says:

    We were in New Mexico in 2011 . . . it was so different from what we expected. Love how you captured the unqiueness of the environment. I would especially like to go back to Santa Fe. I too am glad you weren’t staying at that motel . . . truly enjoyed the vibrant colours they use for their shutters and doors and things. Love the variety of photos you captured.

  6. Melinda says:

    We visited New Mexico for the first time this summer- and fell in love with it. As a newcomer to the Southwest, I’m learning what there is to love about this area of the country. Love the sunflowers, the light- and that motel! 🙂

  7. Susan Bolton says:

    Beautiful photos of New Mexico! The split rail fence is one of my favs…thanks for sharing!

  8. Annie Veas says:

    When J & I artived there, we were struck by the beautiful landscape as well. Gorgeous photos, Aunt C!

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