Fava Bean Soup, our way


Hi there! The above photo is the result of our own recipe for Fava Bean soup. In yesterday’s post I had mentioned that there was one recipe in Mimi Thorisson’s book A Kitchen In France that I could not make work for me. It was her Fava Bean soup. Following her recipe, mine turned out an unappetizing pale green. She had used a potato as a thickener, which I found caused a paste-like texture and starchy taste. Overall the soup was bland in flavor also. If any of you have ever worked with Fava Beans before, then you how much work is involved and can understand my disappointment


First you have to remove the beans from their pods


Then you have to blanch the beans, cool them, then remove the outer skin. After all of that, you finally have something you can add to your soup. After my first failure Brian & I came up with our own recipe, which tasted really great. First off, we increased the amount of Fava Beans Mimi called for (she had 4 lbs of pods, we had 6). Then, I replaced the potato in her recipe for dry white rice grains as the thickener. I also added 2 leeks and some spinach leaves, and finally some Herbs de Provence. So here you go my friends, our Fava Bean Soup recipe!


Thanks so much for stopping by!


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4 Responses to Fava Bean Soup, our way

  1. Not only sounds but looks good also. Love how you changed the blog sides to match the soup.

  2. seabluelee says:

    Once again this sounds delicious, and the photos are gorgeous! You really do have a gift for food photography.

  3. diane says:

    OMG …. that sounds like a lot of work getting those beans ready but it looks and sounds so delicious! I’ve heard of Fava beans but have never seen them. Can you buy them ready to cook?

  4. Beverly says:

    So beautifully presented too! The color is fabulous and reminds me of split pea. Love the soup coming off the spoon. Your version with the rice sounds delicious! Beautiful!!

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