Endure & Endear


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I’ve been reading Mark Nepo’s “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen” (you can find it HERE) and he touched on this concept of enduring and endearing. It occurs to me that we all do this. Enduring hardships in life, yet endearing ourselves into the fabric of life…this is our work.

And it is not easy. My siblings & I endured a mother who was distant and aloof – for me more figuratively, for some of my siblings quite literally. Yet we continue to reach out to each other, endearing ourselves into this thing called family.

I’ve had cancer…twice. I’ve endured the pain and fear of the disease, the treatment, and my mortality. Yet I continue to endear myself into my life journey and struggle to remain open to the lessons I am to learn.

Understanding this has affected the way I view others. We all have a story to tell of how we have endured, yet endear.

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9 Responses to Endure & Endear

  1. So true, life is full of lessons. Some good, and some not so good but they make us what we are and hopefully richer for it. Beautiful spring in your shot.

  2. Diana Foster says:

    Love your candid thoughts. The flowers are beyond beautiful Carol.

  3. Jana Vargas says:

    Such deep thoughts, such truth. So love reading your words and seeing the world as you have come to see it- not only through your magnificent photography but through your beautiful heart.- JBV

  4. Barb says:

    Very moving words Carol … and very good advice to stay open, even when we feel like closing …

  5. Karen Olson says:

    So profound, so appreciated that you shared your thoughts.

  6. Dotti says:

    You are an inspiration, my friend!

  7. Donna says:

    Carol, Sometimes it’s difficult to make time to get around to visiting the blogs of each of my friends – and then I read a post like this one – and I remember just how blessed I am to make these connections, and how important they are. Your sincerity comes through in your photo for today – with detail and beauty and fragility. The concept of enduring and endearing is new to me, and I will look to the work you mentioned. But, by way of your examples, I understand and am nodding my head YES. Thank you for sharing these bits and pieces of your life – even when it would be easier to sweep them away.

  8. Encouraging thoughts, Carol. Life is very strange in a lot of ways. I love your shot from above image. Ranuculus lend themselves so well to photographic images.

  9. Ah very thoughtful insights which for me as well would prove true. I like how the blooms rise from the darker textured background.

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