Clearing My Mind At The Shoreline

When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm that is bewildered and confused. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

_DSC8927It’s not always “bad thoughts” but often it is too many thoughts, overlapping, mushing together…and I can’t make sense of it. So I have to go to the shore. This is my favorite place.


It’s 15 short minutes from my home. I know a bench awaits me there.


Every one honoring someone who has passed, who has loved this place, set where I am sitting now. And I love that in some instances, like this one, I can no longer read the person’s name. They are now etched into the sea breeze. I can breathe in their legacy.


I walk along the shore, watching the ferry boats come and go, and wonder, where is everyone going?


I search out into the distance, but am left with myself.


I watch the seagulls fly and wonder…could I fly too? How do I catch the wind beneath my wing? Am I flying now?


I love watching the geese. They don’t worry about what their purpose is. They fly South for the Winter, and pick at the ground for worms and grubs in between. It’s clear…for them.

_DSC8958In the meantime, the ebb & tide of the water haunts me.


In these moments I can sit like these birds, perched up high, just wanting to catch a glimpse of the horizon, the breeze off the water.


I listen to the water, lapping upon the shore…shhh…shhh, and feel the truth.


Sometimes I feel like this crab I saw below the surface, trying to climb its way over the break wall. The easier way is to simply crawl around. Sometimes we can make things much more difficult for ourselves than it really is.


We can’t always see the path clearly.


But if we look into the deep, we see our own reflection…and know the truth. It lies within.

All images were taken in my favorite local place, Edmonds, WA and I applied Kim Klassen’s fabulous “dreamy flowers” to each, intending to create the dream-like quality that visits me nightly.

Linking in with Kim’s Texture Tuesday HERE. Please check into this site to see the beautiful art people are creating. Takes your breath away.

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14 Responses to Clearing My Mind At The Shoreline

  1. What a wonderful place and to be so close to you, green pea with envy. Pure Envy…..a special place for sure. I love winter and the colors while I know a lot of people get tired of winter and want spring to arrive but for me I guess it is because ours are so short I just want it to stay a while longer.

  2. Sarah C says:

    Gorgeous. Peaceful. 🙂 Sigh…

  3. Darlene says:

    Love that you shared this – I also love the shore it soothes my soul. The words you wrote and photos go so well together. Thank you again for sharing

  4. Nancy says:

    You have such a beautiful place to go and be reflective…..

  5. Beverly says:

    LOVE your new header! So bright and cheerful! These are beautiful, and amazing! How nice to have something this beautiful to be so near you to visit when you need respite.

  6. Roxanne says:

    What gorgeous and peaceful images!

  7. Karen Olson says:

    Loved your post Carol. Today, waking up a little pensive, this thought was a little boost up. And neat to see the images of the coastline opposite my own.

  8. Dotti says:

    I love everything about this post, Carol! The pictures, the words, the thoughts, all of it. I love the sea, too, and if I weren’t so landlocked, I’d do exactly as you do, get in my car and go find a favorite place to sit and let the cobwebs fall out of my head and heart. Thanks for sharing your special space with me. 😀

  9. A beautiful post and stunning photos! As I was reading through and looking at your photos, it looked so much like here in Vancouver, BC. I see you are about 3 hours away from me. For us to go to the ocean is about a 45 minute drive away, but we have the Fraser River, dykes and lakes that are closer that we enjoy. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed it.

  10. cheryl says:

    We are like minded in our need for the sea and we are both so fortunate to have it close by…I’m surrounded by it and for me, it is also the place I go for peace and for joy.
    Your photo’s are just lovely, each matching the words so well that you choose for them…very moody feel to this post..reminding me that for us also, spring and summer will be here soon…but even when it’s not…the sea waits…

  11. What a treasure….this quiet space. I love the look you created with these images, almost time worn.

  12. cathy says:

    OH yes, you and me both. Beautiful photos, you captured the mood of our beautiful shore so perfect!

  13. Earl says:

    Beautiful post. Lovely photos. You are so right about the ocean. I live in Nebraska and not an ocean anywhere near by. At heart I am a So. California ocean person. And I do so miss the area.

  14. Becca says:

    Hi…like I said, I needed to come back and see these photos on my big screen. Love this post, because it feels so familiar. A happy day to you!

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