Christmas by Candlelight

On Christmas day at 12 noon, the wind kicked up so strong that it knocked the power out in many places around greater Seattle, including our neighborhood. As dinner time approached, the power was still out! Fortunately we did not have the stress of entertaining – it was just Brian & I, and the dinner we had planned was simple enough. Steaks on the barbecue, broccolini, and roasted potatoes. We put the veggies in foil pouches and onto the BBQ with the steaks and Voila! A beautiful Christmas dinner by candlelight!

8 1/2 hours later the power came back on, but I have to say, a lot of great conversation came out of those hours “in the dark.” We had a such a good time we’ve decided to try and stage our own power outage once a month. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas day and as you navigate through these last dark days of the season, may the light of your spirit guide your way.

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