Mid-Century Malaise


This year marks the 4th time we have traveled to Palm Springs in February to enjoy the mid-century modern event. This event takes place twice a year, the large event in February, and the smaller one in October. With all the mid-century architecture in Palm Springs, this makes for an ideal location to appreciate all things from this era. This year I was particularly excited about going to this warm, dry climate as I had been suffering from the flu, with some symptoms still lingering so I thought I could “dry out” sort of speak. Brian & I, along with 5 dear friends rented this lovely mid-century home


It was the perfect size with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms


Original homes from this era were not generally that large, and this one was no exception. At some point it was tastefully remodeled and served our needs perfectly. The first day we did some grocery shopping and basically settled in for the week.


The first night we had a bit of company, but still found time to simply hang out by the pool.



We had cocktails and enjoyed the lovely fire pit.



I hit the sack early that night. Brian & I had gotten up early that day so I said goodnight to everyone and headed to bed. Sadly, in the morning, I woke up with major congestion and coughing like crazy. I decided to take it slow, knowing we would have a tour later that day and a Tiki party to attend. The light that morning was incredible.



And outdoors was lovely too.



The whole week I pretty much had this breakfast.


But long story short, I was sick the entire week! My poor friends had to endure my coughing and nose-blowing the whole time – getting a reprieve only when I went to bed, which was early every single night. My saving grace was my friend Sandy, who is always prepared and packs things like DayQuil and NiQuil, Bayer aspirin in a cute little tackle box. Her meds got me through the lectures and events we had signed up for. Which was wonderful. One of the big events was the Sunnylands Tour & Visitor Center




Here is the entrance to their winter home on the estate


There were no pictures allowed inside but I can tell you it was quite beautiful. If you are not familiar with the Annenbergs, they were quite extraordinary, generous inviduals.  To learn more about Walter Annenberg click HERE to learn more about Lenore Annenberg click HERE and to learn more about the Annenberg Foundation and all their good works click HERE.

We also went on a couple of walking tours of some neighborhoods. The picture below is typical of the homes you might see visiting Palm Springs.


Yep, including classic cars. We also toured Frank Sinatra’s first Palm Springs home – Twin Palms


His famous pool


The the groovy recording equipment he had installed in his living room


All of the tours were great, but for me so exhausting. It seemed I was getting sicker and sicker as the days progressed. I went to bed early every night and every morning I woke up hoping to feel better. We were greeted by quite a few birds singing their song every day.


And every evening offered a magical painting in the sky


By the end of the week all I wanted to do was go home. I went to the doctor the next day. I was diagnosed with an ear infection, sinus infection, pink eye, and strep throat. No wonder I felt so lousy! The good news was that all of this could be cured with antibiotics. One week later I am happy to report that I am quite well.

What I learned on this trip is that when your body decides to be sick, it won’t matter whether you are on vacation or not! I’m also taking a tip from my friend Sandy and filling a little tackle box with all manner of meds!


Sure hope this post finds you all in excellent health! Take care and thanks so much for stopping by.


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4 Responses to Mid-Century Malaise

  1. Julia says:

    So pleased you were still able to enjoy your break. What a beautiful place to stay in!

  2. Fabulous house, the next time you go I will have to come over to join you, you know I am inviting myself since we are family! 🙂 Love that light in the kitchen, so sorry you were ill and so glad you are back to your normal self.

  3. Dotti says:

    Oh, Carol! I’m so sorry you were not feeling well when you were in Palm Springs. I got sick two years ago about half way through our Kauai vacation, such a bummer. You still managed to get some great photos and I’m so glad you’re feeling more yourself now. Take care, dear friend!

  4. Becca says:

    Gosh! Sorry to read you were sick on your trip, that’s terrible! Enjoyed your photos, especially since I’m a big Sinatra fan. Beautiful place you stayed…very “Palm Springs” indeed! I have to say however, that desert landscape rock in the front yard is not something I miss too much having lived in Las Vegas for so long! Lol I love the green here, and your lovely garden so much more! Take care.

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