The Garden Awakens

“No Winter lasts forever; no Spring skips its turn.” ~ Hal Borland


With heavy snows and bone chilling weather hitting the East Coast, Hal’s quote is a timely reminder that Spring will eventually come. I’ve been sick over two weeks with the flu, but am beginning to feel better. This weekend I had enough energy to walk through my garden to determine what it will need and discovered that, while I was huddled indoors working toward my health, the garden has decided to start waking up. Above is the first of the French Sorrel popping up through a thicket of dead leaves left behind from last year. In another pot was new shoots of chives coming up


Blueberry buds are forming


and the variegated sorrel is offering up leaves to be eaten right now!


Delicate leaves of the hydrangea bush are opening


And the Viburnum ‘ferreri nanum’ has several lovely clusters of pink blossoms.


My Saucer Magnolia has quite a few new buds on its branches


And though it’s not surprising to see the Hellebores blooming right now, they are always a welcome delight this time of year.


My Rogersia is also pushing up through its old dead leaves from last year and I’m loving the contrast of the old with the new growth


My climbing Hydranga that I grow in a container is also getting ready for spring


And the buds of this Contorted Filbert is signaling that the cool crinkled leaves that will eventually cover the tree is not far behind.


I hope you get a chance to discover some of nature’s delights in your neck of the woods.

Thanks so much for dropping by.


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8 Responses to The Garden Awakens

  1. Sarah C says:

    How wonderful to see sights of nature waking up! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love seeing your garden come to life, nothing quite like those spring greens.

  3. Jana says:

    Thank you so much, this is what I miss the most now living in Southern California -seasons- and there is nothing like a walk through your garden to awaken the senses and stir the heart. JBV

  4. seabluelee says:

    Such a joy to see your garden coming to life. It will be many weeks yet before there’s any awakening around here. And by the way…I love Hal Borland! His book Beyond Your Doorstep, which I first read some fifty years ago, is a treasured favorite. It very likely ignited the spark that eventually moved me from the Nevada desert, where I grew up, to New England, where I finally felt at home.

  5. Dotti says:

    This is so exciting, Carol! Few things excite me more than seeing the earth awaken again after winter. Alas! We have a ways to go yet …

    PS – Thank you for the delightful Valentine’s Day card. So pretty and creative.}

  6. Kelly says:

    I love watching nature waking up!!! Beautiful Carol. Feeling better?

  7. Radish says:

    I too am flat on my back with crud I am hoping it is not two weeks . Get well. Seemed as if you hav e made a good start.

  8. Beverly says:

    What a delight that your garden and trees are starting to wake up and show new life…and you were there to capture and enjoy it after a long flu episode! I must check my chives, but don’t think anything is there yet.

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