Random Art!

I’ve had more and more people ask me about Random Art since I initially posted this story. With the help of good friends, I’ve made this short video to help describe Random Art and why I’m doing it and even take you along on a random drop! Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image


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Thank you in advance for respecting my art. All the images and text posted to this blog are owned my me and protected by copyright law. Copying any of the content here without permission is against the law and you know, not cool. Many thanks again.
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3 Responses to Random Art!

  1. Jana says:

    How fun to go on a field trip with you !! Can’t wait to see where it landed!!- Great stuff Carol, love the videos, love the Random Art !- JBV

  2. kathy says:

    Was browsing u tube — and typed in christmas ornies and your u tube tut . was delightful — I love the paper clay idea — have done things like pins or a charm to add to a mini book — these are so lovely –Thank you for the idea — Read all else and check out the blog — Praying for you as you have treatments — Random art — is a random act of kindness — as your beautiful creations , will bring a smile — May God bless you and yours this Christmas season ! * K

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