Happy New Year!


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We wanted to ring in the New Year quietly so the family and I decided to go to Whidbey Island for a couple of days. New Year’s Eve day we drove to the ferry dock in Mukilteo where a 30 minute ferry ride would take us to the island. We got there early so had the opportunity to take some pictures of this old lighthouse, a historic landmark in Mukilteo.

I was just as excited to find a dried hydrangea blossom behind the lighthouse


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Then we boarded the ferry and headed out. This ferry boat is new to the fleet. Really nice.

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We stayed two days at the Boatyard Inn in the City of Langley on the island.


We’ve stayed here before. It’s decor reflects it’s location on the water

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I spent hours watching the birds and walking the dock




You can see the Cascade mountain range in the background in the image above.

Walking the shore was a special delight with log “sculptures” scattered about with the sound of water gently sifting the sand.



Though it was sunny, it was quite cold. Frost covered the logs


I came across this frozen still life that must have been arranged there during warmer days


But our loft was warm and comfy. We each took turns cooking for each other and spending lots of time reading as well

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When the New Year dawned, this is what it looked like


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After much reflection, I’ve decided my guiding word for this year is Listen. Not just with my ears, but with my eyes to observe that for which there are no words. I want to listen with my heart to feel the quiet places within. Listening to others – not just what they say, but listen to their intent. Listening to my own voice as well. After these few lovely days on the island I’ve come to the conclusion that good listening begins with creating quiet time, both externally and internally.

To help me with my journey, I will be reading Mark Nepo’s “A Thousand Ways To Listen”.

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I must confess it is taking me some time to get back into the swing of things. I deliberately stepped away from posting to enjoy the holidays and didn’t even look at any of the other blogs I follow. Today I decided to look at a few of my favorite blogs and was inspired to go ahead with this post, though it wasn’t my plan to do so. I’m grateful for my blogging pals for helping me get back in the groove!

Linking up with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday today. If you have a moment, check it out!

Hope your new year is getting off to a good start. Thanks for stopping by.


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6 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Dotti says:

    You know, Carol, I think it’s good to sometimes take a break from the blogging circle. It’s hard and I wouldn’t want to do it forever because after all, this is how we visit with one another, our distant friends.

    I love your photos! And that lighthouse … be still my heart. So unique. This is definitely the kind of place I’d like to visit. So glad you found a special way to ring in the New Year. May it be happy … and I think your word and interpretation of it are smashing!

  2. Sarah C says:

    Waterfront towns are so charming and I love your photos!

  3. Carol Albers says:

    What a great way to welcome a new year. Peace and health to you, my friend , in 2015!

  4. What a gorgeous light house and the wreaths are just the best. So good to get away to a little island, goodness it does look cold with the frost next to the sea. Beautiful seeing the snow cap mountains. Fun image of the family from above, such a good perspective and all the wrinkles fall back that way. 🙂

  5. Diana Foster says:

    Oh my, this looks like such a wonderful place to visit and rest. Love your word for 2015. Best to you, friend.

  6. Sharon says:

    What an idyllic setting for a relaxing getaway! My favorite image is of the dock and the weathered wood. I’m glad you decided to post these images after all! I took a break during the holidays, too, so I would be fully present with my visiting family. And we all had wonderful times together. Happy New Year to you!

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