Gather Calilfornia


It’s good to be home. Brian & I spent 7 days in San Diego, then 3 days in Long Beach. We were in Long Beach because I was fortunate enough to attend Gather California – a women’s photography retreat hosted by Kim Klassen & Xanthe Berkeley. The opportunity presented itself in September so there wasn’t a lot of time to develop a pre-conceived notion about the event, and therefore everything was a surprise. The home where the retreat took place was absolutely beautiful. Set right at the edge of the sand of Sunset Beach. Myriam Joseph (along with helping hands from Alisha Herrick) added special touches throughout the house to be discovered, including the welcome display above.


Comforting messages and playful elements were scattered about waiting to be discovered. With its many windows, the house offered wonderful natural light opportunities but one of the favorite still life places in the house was the laundry room!


Walking into this space had a calming, peaceful effect. This picture was the first still life image I took in the house.


There was fellowship,


Tips and techniques were shared,


Everywhere I turned there was something beautiful to appreciate,


and lovely models willing to pose,


We spent time on the beach talking,


and of course taking pictures,


having fun and taking more pictures,


with parasols and scarves,


and taking advantage of the golden light of sunset.


Just one more shot


This is what hearts filled with joy overflowing looks like


And then the first day came to a close.


The next day we went to Seal Beach and spent quite a bit of time in a lovely shop…


But I will save that story for Friday. See ya then!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope your week is going well.


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13 Responses to Gather Calilfornia

  1. jamie jamison says:

    Loved spending time with you Carol!!! Thank you for sharing your photos. . .wonderful memories were made by all!

  2. Kendra says:

    This is amazing! I’m so glad we reconnected and got to spend some more time with each other this trip. Thank you for this lovely post (I can’t wait for Friday’s!)!

  3. Beverly says:

    Your special photos captured those few days just beautifully…your words and photos tell so much about little activities and even feelings that took place. I adore the laundry room door knob! A beautiful and memorable time. Thank you so much for sharing Carol. See you Friday, with more.

  4. Bev Rogan says:

    What a lovely trip down memory lane this was Carol. Thank you! It was so wonderful spending time with you. Don’t you wish we could simply click our heels together and go back?

  5. seabluelee says:

    The light inside that house does look amazing! It’s lovely for those of us who couldn’t be there to be able to share in your experience. I’m looking forward to your next post.

  6. Sherry says:

    Beautiful story and images!

  7. Loved this post Carol, so fun to relive the weekend through your beautiful vision, thank you! So wishing I could grab that doorknob and enter the magical laundry room right now 🙂

  8. Dotti says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this in such detail! I enjoyed following along {and missing you!} on IG but this, on the ‘big’ screen, is just delightful. Can’t wait for the next installment. 😀

  9. Diana Foster says:

    Adore your post Carol. What an honor to meet and get to know you! Love all the images, but especially love the laundry room knob. Creative/clever. What a fantastic retreat. The connections were incredible.

  10. kelly says:

    i was thinking about you all, seeing all your fun instagram shots. what a special experience it must have been carol! thanks for taking me along. 😉

  11. First off, I love love that door knob so much, what a beautiful POV of the laundry room Carol. I am so lucky to know you to have spent time with you and Brian twice this year. You are special to me and you are family. Your words captured the essence of the 3 days together so beautifully along with such beautiful photography. That is what I love about getting together with friends and taking images, we all capture moments we all saw but capture them in different ways…..sign all so good and a tear in my eye. Thank you, xoxoxo

  12. kim says:

    sniff sniff… such a beautiful gathering of Gather…. thank you for sharing this…. xo

  13. Becca says:

    Looks like it was such a wonderful and memorable time Carol! Lovely photos.

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