Suddenly Fall


I had been seeing the signs for a couple of weeks. A little turned leaf there, a hint of chill in the air. Then I found it underfoot, on my early morning walk.


I came home to notice the new fall crop of lettuce had crested the lip of the wagon. Time to harvest some greens for a salad, maybe a sandwich. This crop won’t last long.


The last of the chard was also pushing out their most beautiful leaves thus far.


The grasses were dancing in Autumn’s light.


And the Autumn Joy sedum was in full bloom.


I walked along the path of the front garden, noticing the grasses were still holding on to the early morning rain and the Japanese Maple began dropping its seed pods on the path.


The Persecaria had pushed out its fall color.


A walk around Greenlake offered evidence of a change of season.


As did the shopping village in the University District.

Fall has come and we in the Northwest must pay attention, for in this part of the world it moves fast. The rains come too quickly to wash away Autumn’s beauty. And so, I want to bear witness to it all, documenting as much as I can. To be here, in this moment… it is an honor.


Bless you all for stopping by. I hope that where ever you are in the world, you are enjoying all the mother nature has to offer. You are a witness.



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6 Responses to Suddenly Fall

  1. Dawn says:

    I noticed it too, last week. It was as if I looked up, “oh, it’s here”. As if somehow I was trying to fool myself into thinking that the green grass and the warm afternoon sunshine were enough to bat away the marching footsteps of fall. Silly me 😉
    Have a wonderful week. I enjoyed each of your photos this morning.

  2. Two words, So Good. Love seeing this and it warms my soul as I don’t get to see this here unless I go up to where Melinda lives come November which I hope to do because I really need this. I think it is because when you don’t get to see these things you really appreciate the seasons more. So glad you appreciate them and love the water fountain so much in all your seasons.

  3. Diana Foster says:

    Always such a pleasure coming to visit! Especially love the Radio Flyer wagon shot. Can’t wait to meet you in person. NOVEMBER!

  4. Sarah says:

    Great capture of fall. The lettuce in the wagon looks really yummy. Especially since we are eating salads every night this week. Enjoy every minute of this beautiful season.

  5. Jana says:

    Thank so much for sharing what you are a witness to – it seems so much deeper than what I see, reminding me to slow down and take it in and appreciate it. Grateful, so grateful for your point of view – love you – JBV

  6. Dotti says:

    Oh, it looks like a lovely fall heading your way! I hope the rains hold off long enough for you to enjoy … and to share some more great shots with us! You’re right … fall seems to have happened overnight.

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