Road Trip – A Field of Happiness On The Road Home


Leaving Sacramento, we hit Interstate 5 heading home when we saw it. A huge field of sunflowers.


We instantly pulled off the freeway and wound through the farm roads to this field of happiness.


I think it completely impossible to feel sad when looking at the face of a sunflower. How about you?


We were there for almost two hours taking pictures, leaving only when the light became too harsh to photograph.


I love the boldness of this flower, standing tall and saying with all its beauty revealed, I am here!


It was the perfect ending to our road trip adventure.


Our road trip ended in June and I’m still thinking about that field of sunflowers.


I’m planning on printing some of these images and hanging them in our hallway. Should be a welcome sight in the middle of winter when everything outside is gray and cold.


Many thanks to all of you for coming along on our road trip. It brought joy to my heart to share it with you.

Today rings in the first day of Autumn. Wow how the summer has flown by.

Have a great week,


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8 Responses to Road Trip – A Field of Happiness On The Road Home

  1. Dawn says:

    Sad to see summer go but it is time to move with the seasons I guess and embrace all that Autumn has to offer. I love sunflowers and to see a field of them is almost too much, hahaha
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Dotti says:

    Sunflowers have to be the happiest flower with daisies a close second {IMHO} and it was indeed a perfect way to conclude your wonderful road trip. I think those images will look stunning in your home. {So many photos, so little wall space!}

  3. Jana says:

    what a perfect end to a perfect trip and a great way to say goodbye to summer!- Can’t wait for your/our next trip!- JBV

  4. seabluelee says:

    There is something magical about a sunflower against a brilliant blue summer sky. The colors were just made for each other. A whole field of them must have been totally overwhelming. Gorgeous photos!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Such stunning sunflowers…you came across a nice field of them there and the sky…super blue.

  6. glorious photos! they do bring a smile to the face!

  7. Carol says:

    I just did that last weekend – It’s such a treat to be out there among them. And I lOVE your banner photo!

  8. Aren’t sunflowers just the best, who could not look at these and just smile and have a great day. Yellow was my husbands favorite color and I think that is why I smile when I see yellow, lovely thought……Have a super day my friend just awesome photos.

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