Cookies & Milk

Cookies & milk was the photo challenge at hand,


so she gathered her staples and laid out a plan.


She measured and mixed and and she stirred, then stirred more,


till it all came together as she had done once before.


She rolled out the dough and cut into shapes,


then set in the oven and watched as they baked.


Once they were done they were laid out to rest,


then with some sugar she got them all dressed.


As she laid out the scene and looked at the goodies,

she thought


“all we need in this life is love… and some cookies.”


Ok, so maybe I got a little carried away with this Be Still assignment, but I’m thinking the class is just as much about having a little fun as it is about trying to take good pictures!

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13 Responses to Cookies & Milk

  1. Dotti says:

    This is more than fun, Carol! It’s AWESOME!!! 😀

  2. Seabluelee says:

    Carol, I’d give you an A+ on this assignment. Awesome photos and very pretty cookies, too.

  3. Jessica says:

    Oh this is fabulous! Love the dressed up
    Cookies! It’s so fun when an assignment really
    Inspires and motivates you, isn’t it? Sorry for
    The weird formatting – on my phone… : )

  4. Beverly says:

    Where are the fave buttons?!! This reminds me of The Little Red Hen story. You are so very creative Carol. I love this to pieces!! The cookies are so pretty and I’m sure they are delicious! Love the next to last image.

  5. Roxi says:

    You win the milk and cookie prize that’s for sure! Awesome. Great shots and I loved your rhyme.

  6. Sarah says:

    I love the story book way this was told. What a great creative spin you put on the assignment. Plus the cookies look absolutely delicious. I only make sugar cookies at Christmas under duress.

  7. Oh sweetness and love you so much as you know. You are the best friend a girl could ever have and so luck to have to able to call you a good friend. Love this so much and it is so you. You are a heart full photographer in everything you do and it pours out in your writing and in each photo you take which makes for a good photographer and human being which this world needs more of. Only wish I could be there with you to enjoy some of those sweet cookies with you. Hugs to you this morning. Have a wonderful weekend. Something special coming your way today.

  8. Jana says:

    Be Still assignment? Doesn’t look like you were very still to me!!- So delightful – thanks for sharing the fun!- JBV

  9. Cheryl says:

    They look lovely carol. The entire process was wonderfull. Felt like I was right in the kitchen with you.

  10. Terri Porter says:

    Love every inch of this! That beautiful light, the step-by-step photos, the sweet little napkin with the hearts — all absolute perfection! Love the way you made us all feel like we were there watching you bake and shoot these beautiful cookies. And, of course, your poetry is beyond compare! 🙂

  11. Kelly says:

    Hi Carol! What a beautiful post. And those sugar cookies look delish.

  12. kim says:

    i just love what you did with the milk and cookies prompt Carol…. Seriously…. it’s so fun… super creative… and BEAUTIFUL….

    thank you for this….

    smiling big… xo

  13. What a fun post – love the last two photos – I think I smelled the cookies baking!

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