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Seems I’ve neglected sharing more of my garden daily images so thought I’d play a little catch up. These images were all taken the first part of August. I just love seeing the little bee butt here!



The image above was the very last of the Nelly Moser clematis blooms. The art piece pictured below hangs above the tool shed door.


This is a little water bowl located in the shade garden in back. There used to be a little heart with the letter ‘I’ on it, but a crow made off with it!


This woman’s head pot is something Brian & I found in a shop in Portland, OR several years ago.


Not all of my herbs are doing as well as I would have hoped for some reason, but the rosemary is looking quite lovely and should provide a wonderful herbal addition to the Fall & Winter meals to come.


This was the very last of the broccoli from this season. Nothing like fresh broccoli!



Of course the word pool fountain is still going strong.


This was the very last of the magnolia blossoms from our evergreen Brown Betty magnolia.  We has so many blooms on those trees this year.


It won’t be long now before it’s time to put the garden to rest. I’ve already begun Fall clean-up. It has been a beautiful summer this year. Truly grateful.

Hoping you find some beauty to admire in your world today.


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4 Responses to More Garden Images

  1. Oh your garden, such peace, I think I could just put my body there and say AHHHH and feel it relax. Love the bee and you can put the lady’s head in your will to me, you know I am on a search for that, if it wasn’t so heavy I would have put it in my suitcase while there. I think there will still be a lot to photograph in your garden when it is at rest so go for it because I want to see the interesting things. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Leigh says:

    Beautiful Carol! I would love to visit your garden one day!

  3. Terri Porter says:

    Oh, yes, the more I see of your fabulous garden, the more I want to visit it. Such a peaceful and beautiful place! That clematis steals my heart every time I see it. So glad you have had a wonderful summer!

  4. Dotti says:

    Ahh … You have far more beauty in your garden than I do at this time year. One thing we have plenty of is green grass from our ample rains! You have a most beautiful refuge, a wonderful place to embrace.

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