Road Trip – Meeting Family in Middletown, CA

It’s been a tough couple of weeks but am back to continue sharing bits of our road trip with you. Thanks so much for continuing to visit the blog. I appreciate your support so much.


On the last day we were in Bodega Bay, we were able to arrange a visit with my brother Buck & his wife Heidi. We met in Middletown, CA. On the way there we passed this very cool barn, which had some interesting artifacts around it. Of course we stopped to take some pictures. Sure wish the owners had been home. Would have liked to have met them. As evidence of their obvious sense of humor, we saw these ‘cactus people’ growing on one side of the barn


The owners had carved faces into several of the cactus. Really brought a smile to our faces.


We arrived in Middletown a little earlier than Buck & Heidi, but filled our time taking pictures of this lovely United Methodist Church.


I was particularly taken with their windows.


I love the reflection of the trees and shrubs in its windows.


Once Buck & Heidi arrived we went over to the vegan restaurant in town, Chef Steve’s. Awesome food!


Buck & Heidi are both creative people. Buck is a member of a band and plays drums. Heidi is a mixed media artist who, with a friend, has participated in the EcoArts Sculpture Walk that has taken place in Middletown every year for the past 12 years. After lunch they took us to this year’s exhibit.


EcoArts is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the visual arts, visual art education, and ecological stewardship for artists, residents, and visitors to Lake County, CA. Images shown here were some of my favorites. Unfortunately this heart piece was not in the handout so cannot tell you who the artist is. It was probably a last  minute entry.


The piece above is Heidi’s and her fried Karen Mantele. This plaster of paris piece represents Archangel Ariel, known as Protector of Nature with a mission to heal the earth, animals, and plants. The sun was pitched high in the sky that day so lighting wasn’t the best to take these photographs. I can tell you a lot of work went into this piece. Quite detailed.


The large nest is by Mary Mattlage.


This is one of Heidi’s favorite pieces in the exhibit by Lisa Kaplan.


I found this piece to be quite intriguing. by artist Reeba Barrows using fabric, home grown bamboo, and fishing line to create her sculptures.


This amazing interactive piece is by Diego Harris, made from scrap metal. If you talk in one end, the sound travels through the horn and out the other end. Amazing!


It was a great day that ended all too quickly. The next morning we would leave Bodega Bay and head to Yosemite, CA.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.


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4 Responses to Road Trip – Meeting Family in Middletown, CA

  1. Jana says:

    Oh how neat!! And meeting more family too!- Glad to be on the road with you again- JBV

  2. How fun to meet more of your tribe and to see all the art, really cool Carol. You can tell how hot it was there, wish the light had been better for you too. Love the bird nest a lot.

  3. Dotti says:

    You had the best road trip! Love it all!

  4. Viv says:

    Fascinating Carol love the exhibits.

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