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Back to the Core through Traditions – Tomatoes

Hello everyone! It has been a super long time since I’ve posted anything to the blog…not since May in fact. It was a sad time. My friend had just experienced a couple of losses in her family and I felt … Continue reading

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Food Photography – Whole & Parts

Food Photography – Whole & Parts Hello everyone! I have the honor of announcing that I am posting on Kim Klassen’s beautiful site Kim Klassen dot Com today speaking about food photography. There are these images on the site, as … Continue reading

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My Photographic Past

Self portrait at a Nude Beach, CA, 1981 I’ve been cleaning out my room and ran across some of my early work in photography. Looking at each of them flooded my mind and heart with emotion. They transported me back … Continue reading

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Winter Workshop + Long Table Supper

The first Saturday in December 2015 I was fortunate enough to be a part of a one day food photography and styling workshop with Eva Kosma Flores, ChristianKoepke, and Stacey Clark. Now that our hosts have had an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Home Spa

I love going to a spa and having my body totally exfoliated. My skin always feels more alive, softer, and has a glow about it. Of course, that’s not something I have the time or money to do very often. … Continue reading

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The Life of a Home Kitchen

“Kitchen’s always open.” ~ Jason Medina, A Ghost in New Orleans Some of you may know we have been in the middle of a kitchen remodel. We have a small kitchen and it hasn’t gotten any bigger, but we do have … Continue reading

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For the Love of Rhubarb!

Kim Klassen ‘kk_true’ preset applied Brian & I love rhubarb so this is one of our favorite times of the year, when our garden explodes with red stalks and large leaves. Even if we didn’t love to eat it, we … Continue reading

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Nasty Spam Attack

Just a quick post to let you know that my email account was hacked (they got in through my blog site) and as a result many people I know received bogus spam email. My apologies if you were one of … Continue reading

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A New Prop Inspires A Photo Shoot

I walked into Sur La Table last Saturday and look what I found! Isn’t this the cutest wire pedestal & cage cover you’ve ever seen?! I actually screamed when I saw it. The pedestal is only about 6″ in diameter. I’m … Continue reading

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Beautifully Broken

Kim Klassen ‘pastel haze’ preset applied It fell. It broke. I cried… Not for the loss of the plate, but because the remains were so lovely.Tears began to well up as I realized…we are all beautifully broken. Kim Klassen ‘litely’ preset applied … Continue reading

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