Turning In


I was out in the garden early in the morning, doing some Fall clean-up and feeling a bit of a chill in the air. I decided to take a break and grab some hot tea. As I sat there looking around I noticed it.


The gold and crimson of Autumn is turning, fading.


Tree branches are going bare. Soon there won’t be any work for me out here. The season is turning in and I feel myself turning in as well.


Another garden season has passed, another year. So much has happened. I am reflecting on all I have learned. Time to examine my truth, like a bucket, to see if it still holds water.

Has some of your truths shifted over time?

Thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a beautiful week.


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Texture Tuesday Spirited!

Spirited (1 of 1)

This time of year my attention turns toward Halloween and I think this still life captures the ‘spirit’! The image was taken w/ 35mm @ f/5.6, ISO 500 @ 1/320 second. I applied Kim’s ‘monday’ texture @ soft light 100%. The font is called ‘a charming font expanded regular’.

Linking up w/ Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday today. You can check out some beautiful images by other talented photographers HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy Tuesday!


PS – Many thanks to all of you for your prayers and well wishes with regard to my back. I am happy to  report that I have been pain free for 5 days now and the doctor & I have a game plan going forward. Thanks so much again. I feel blessed to be part of such a caring community. xo

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More Playtime in the Greenhouse


Continuing from Friday’s post, thought I would share more of the images I’ve taken in my ‘new’ space.







This experience has reminded me of the importance of celebrating where we are right now and appreciating what we already have. I’ve had this greenhouse for 10 years and all of the items in it are things I’ve had in other areas of my home, studio, and property. I will try to be mindful of this in a more observant and celebratory way.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a beautiful week where ever you are.


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4 Things and a Recipe

4 Things Ingredients (1 of 1)

Normally I don’t post to the blog on the weekend, but I just finished my latest ‘Be Still’ assignment and am excited to share. The assignment was to incorporate 4 things into a still life: a loaf of bread, twine, scissors, and linen. I thought I’d take a little artistic license. Rather than a literal loaf of bread, I thought to include ingredients for a quick bread…pumpkin bread to be exact. Been craving pumpkin bread for a week now so decided to use this assignment to get this out of my system!


This triptych was a lot of fun. I like how each image focuses on a different part of my original image.

And so dear reader, a gift for you for taking the time to look through this post…


the recipe for my pumpkin bread!


The first 3 images have Kim’s ‘dark mood’ preset applied. Normally I wouldn’t think of using such a dramatic preset on a food shot, but I quite like the look on these. Helps tell the story I think.


This last image has Kim’s ‘within’ preset applied, though I did tweak it a bit.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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Friday Finds – A ‘new’ place to take pictures…in my own backyard!


Do you have a place in your home or on your property that you really haven’t thought much of…and then one day you see it in a whole new light? Well, that happened to me this week. I’ve had this little greenhouse for 10 years now. It’s been a great space for storing outdoor cushions, hand tools, and germinating seeds. But this week, while putting away the cushions, I suddenly noticed how lovely the light was in the space. With the rainy season fast approaching, I was suddenly excited at the prospect of having a new place to take pictures in that would be natural light and out of the weather. So I began reorganizing the space and pulling items from the house and studio to create little vignettes in the greenhouse.


This old butterfly kite is one of several that I’ve had in my studio. It is the smallest one and fits perfectly in the greenhouse.


I bought some annuals a couple of days ago that are waiting in the greenhouse to go into outdoor containers. Why not give them a little company with a couple of baby boo pumpkins!


The dried hydrangea blossoms are from the shrub behind the pond in the front yard and the bird nest under glass is from the birdhouse that I cleaned out this summer after the baby chickadees fledged.


I must have spent a couple of hours in this greenhouse taking pictures. I will share more of those on the blog Monday.

My mind is now full of ideas of other pictures I can take in there, perhaps a big photo session for each season. Perhaps there is a place in or around your home that deserves a second look. Wander around and see what you can find!

Linking up with Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds today.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Taking it Easy on Texture Tuesday


Taken w/ 35mm @ f.3.5, ISO 500 @ 1/80 sec. Applied Kim Klassen’s ‘within’ preset and her ‘monday’ texture @ linear light 55%, removing most of that from the coffee cup.

Just one picture for a quick post…didn’t want to miss Texture Tuesday! A month ago I was having some serious back problems, but thought I was on the mend. Until yesterday. Well, to be honest my back was feeling a bit tight since last Friday. I was stretching, being cautious and then I lifted a small 10 lb. box from the car yesterday and the was the straw the broke the back. I’ve had to cancel working out for this week and will see the doctor again on Thursday. So, I’m sitting in my garden, drinking coffee and trying to remain calm as I contemplate the long term effects of the condition of my back, the treatment that could be available, and the lifetime limitations this might entail. Taking deep breaths and focusing on all I have to be grateful for on this fine day.

Linking up w/ Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday HERE.

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to make time for yourself. Take care.


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The Garden…after the rain


We experienced quite a bit of rain last week. I know what you’re all thinking “duh Carol you live in Seattle!” But contrary to popular believe it does not rain constantly here, and we have varying levels of rain. We have ‘mist’, then there are ‘light showers’, then ‘showers’, ‘rain’, and then we have ‘heavy rain’ – this is the kind of rain that soaks you to the bone in 3 seconds flat! Usually wind accompanies this kind of rain so an umbrella is useless, Mother Nature turns those bumbershoots inside out, which is why Seattle folk rarely carry umbrellas!

But after the rain, we are treated to the clean, fresh beauty of nature.


So, when I woke up one morning to find the rain had stopped, I grabbed my camera to explore my garden and discover what delights Mother Nature left behind. Rather than write a bunch of words, I thought I’d just share what I saw.









What has Mother Nature put in your path recently?

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful week.


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Friday Finds – Gathering Fall


This week’s inspiration in Kim Klassen’s Be Still52 class was to go out into our neighborhood and gather natural materials that represents the season we are in and then lay them out on a background to photograph. I was thrilled with this assignment as I had already planned to do something like that this week just in my own garden, so that is exactly what I did. After gathering all the different plant materials that represent the Fall season we are in here in Seattle, I thought rather than lay them out on a table or backdrop, why not lay them out on the welcome stone I made for the entry to the container garden!

So, I took my time laying out all the individual pieces


little berries from an unidentifiable tree near the container garden entrance


leaves from my Sumac shrub in the container garden


buds from the golden hops vine


leaves from the Japanese Maple in the front yard


dried Hydranga blossoms from the shub in the front yard


little buds from the Silver Vein Creeper vine that wraps around the front deck


and more leaves from our Japanese Maple. To all of that I added a couple of plumes from Fountain grass that grows on the South side of the house and a couple of ivy sprigs that are spilling out of pots all over the place.


And here you have it. A collection of Fall finds in my garden this week. This was so much fun that I’m thinking I will do this on my little welcome stone for each of the seasons!

What did you find this week in your corner of the world?

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m linking up with both my Be Still52 class and of course Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds.


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Playing with Pumpkins


Applied Kim Klassen’s ‘greymist’ preset in LR, then added her ‘waterfront7magic2′ texture at screen blend mode, 100% opacity and her ‘sonnet magic’ at screen blend mode, 17%.

Everywhere I go now, the grocery store, the farmers market, even the corner coffee shop, I see pumpkins. Love it! My favorites are the spooky gray ones and the baby boo’s. My online friend and fellow student in the Be Still class, Roxi Hardegree, has been playing with pumpkins for about a week and a half now and she has inspired me so much with her beautiful compositions and great photo processing. She’s also quite the master with her mobile phone and phone apps. If you are not familiar with her work, you really need to check her out HERE.

Taking a cue from Roxi, I spent some time yesterday in the studio playing with pumpkins. In addition to the textured image above, the following are some other views of my still life


Applied Kim’s ‘greymist’ preset


‘greymist’ preset also applied here


Absolutely nothing done to this image. This is SOC (straight out of camera)


Also SOC


Also SOC. In retrospect, I should have backed up a bit to show the whole pumpkin in the front. I was just smitten with its little stem that I didn’t notice that I was cropping the bottom!

So, which one do you like? I’m hooking up with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday today. Head on over if you get a chance. And by the way, you’re likely to see more pumpkin pictures from me in the near future. Just saying…

Thanks for stopping by.


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Suddenly Fall


I had been seeing the signs for a couple of weeks. A little turned leaf there, a hint of chill in the air. Then I found it underfoot, on my early morning walk.


I came home to notice the new fall crop of lettuce had crested the lip of the wagon. Time to harvest some greens for a salad, maybe a sandwich. This crop won’t last long.


The last of the chard was also pushing out their most beautiful leaves thus far.


The grasses were dancing in Autumn’s light.


And the Autumn Joy sedum was in full bloom.


I walked along the path of the front garden, noticing the grasses were still holding on to the early morning rain and the Japanese Maple began dropping its seed pods on the path.


The Persecaria had pushed out its fall color.


A walk around Greenlake offered evidence of a change of season.


As did the shopping village in the University District.

Fall has come and we in the Northwest must pay attention, for in this part of the world it moves fast. The rains come too quickly to wash away Autumn’s beauty. And so, I want to bear witness to it all, documenting as much as I can. To be here, in this moment… it is an honor.


Bless you all for stopping by. I hope that where ever you are in the world, you are enjoying all the mother nature has to offer. You are a witness.



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