Playing with Pumpkins


Applied Kim Klassen’s ‘greymist’ preset in LR, then added her ‘waterfront7magic2′ texture at screen blend mode, 100% opacity and her ‘sonnet magic’ at screen blend mode, 17%.

Everywhere I go now, the grocery store, the farmers market, even the corner coffee shop, I see pumpkins. Love it! My favorites are the spooky gray ones and the baby boo’s. My online friend and fellow student in the Be Still class, Roxi Hardegree, has been playing with pumpkins for about a week and a half now and she has inspired me so much with her beautiful compositions and great photo processing. She’s also quite the master with her mobile phone and phone apps. If you are not familiar with her work, you really need to check her out HERE.

Taking a cue from Roxi, I spent some time yesterday in the studio playing with pumpkins. In addition to the textured image above, the following are some other views of my still life


Applied Kim’s ‘greymist’ preset


‘greymist’ preset also applied here


Absolutely nothing done to this image. This is SOC (straight out of camera)


Also SOC


Also SOC. In retrospect, I should have backed up a bit to show the whole pumpkin in the front. I was just smitten with its little stem that I didn’t notice that I was cropping the bottom!

So, which one do you like? I’m hooking up with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday today. Head on over if you get a chance. And by the way, you’re likely to see more pumpkin pictures from me in the near future. Just saying…

Thanks for stopping by.


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Suddenly Fall


I had been seeing the signs for a couple of weeks. A little turned leaf there, a hint of chill in the air. Then I found it underfoot, on my early morning walk.


I came home to notice the new fall crop of lettuce had crested the lip of the wagon. Time to harvest some greens for a salad, maybe a sandwich. This crop won’t last long.


The last of the chard was also pushing out their most beautiful leaves thus far.


The grasses were dancing in Autumn’s light.


And the Autumn Joy sedum was in full bloom.


I walked along the path of the front garden, noticing the grasses were still holding on to the early morning rain and the Japanese Maple began dropping its seed pods on the path.


The Persecaria had pushed out its fall color.


A walk around Greenlake offered evidence of a change of season.


As did the shopping village in the University District.

Fall has come and we in the Northwest must pay attention, for in this part of the world it moves fast. The rains come too quickly to wash away Autumn’s beauty. And so, I want to bear witness to it all, documenting as much as I can. To be here, in this moment… it is an honor.


Bless you all for stopping by. I hope that where ever you are in the world, you are enjoying all the mother nature has to offer. You are a witness.



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Friday Finds – Art Party & Signs of Fall


The above picture is of my first resin piece, made at Amy Duncan’s Art Party entitled Rendezvous with Resin. I had never been to one of Amy’s parties and I gotta tell you, it was a blast! Amy is an excellent teacher and an amazing artist. She has a lovely, well organized studio space that we worked in and she provided all the materials. When she is not teaching, she is creating fabulous mixed media pieces, using recycled materials and her own photographs. She had a booth at a recent art fair and we were fortunate enough to buy one of her pieces, which sits gracefully on a wall in our entryway. To learn more about Amy and her company Four Corners Design,  check out her blog HERE. Throughout her studio, home, and garden she has lovely displays of found materials like this little vignette near the door of the studio.


It was also a thrill to meet Martha Traas (sewfabmartha on Instagram) who participated in the resin class as well.


The great thing about meeting online friends in person is that they don’t feel like strangers at all. I feel like I’ve known Martha for years!


Here we are in the studio with Amy giving us instructions on how to pour the resin. It was such fun and Brian & I are already talking about other things we can do with resin.

Another thing that happened this last week was the transition from Summer to Fall and I have been seeing the signs here and there in the garden.


Leaves are turning from green to yellow to crimson.


My Japanese Maple is dropping its seed pods and some of the leaves are already dried.


My purple Clematis has already died back so I need to get out there and cut the dead vines back and tidy up its container.

We’ve had such a lovely Summer. The best one in years. But I’m ready for cooler temps now. How about you?

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m linking up with Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds today. If you get a chance, check out her site. So many beautiful images there.


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Still Life Portrait of Grandma


The Be Still assignment was intriguing. Make a portrait of someone without the actual person being there. The idea was to gather things that might convey something about that person. I thought of my grandmother. At her death, her garage was filled with boxes of everyday things she collected from old dust pans, to shoe forms, canning jars, and old linens. She grew up in a boarding house so I think these common things reminded her of those days, with the traveling salesmen coming through town staying a night or two, their bags filled with all kinds of things a household on the Kansas prairie might need.


She had 3 boys, always wanted a girl, and got her wish with her first grandchild, me. She loved to read and thought it was an important past time,  so as a child I always received a book from her at Christmastime.


She taught me how to make pinwheels and how to can. She loved music and would always have the radio on when she worked in the kitchen.


But none of these material things can express my most cherished memories of my grandma. She had a youthful spirit and a kind heart. She had a sly smile and her laugh was infectious. She had soft eyes that would look at you with a kind of pride that made you stand taller, and she hugged you with her whole body and spirit.

Linking up with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday today. All the images here have Kim’s breathe preset applied and her Magic 091 texture added. I think I applied it with soft light blend mode at around 35% but can’t quite read my processing notes as Peg, our cat, threw up her breakfast on my notebook! Oh well, back to reality.

Take care,


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Road Trip – A Field of Happiness On The Road Home


Leaving Sacramento, we hit Interstate 5 heading home when we saw it. A huge field of sunflowers.


We instantly pulled off the freeway and wound through the farm roads to this field of happiness.


I think it completely impossible to feel sad when looking at the face of a sunflower. How about you?


We were there for almost two hours taking pictures, leaving only when the light became too harsh to photograph.


I love the boldness of this flower, standing tall and saying with all its beauty revealed, I am here!


It was the perfect ending to our road trip adventure.


Our road trip ended in June and I’m still thinking about that field of sunflowers.


I’m planning on printing some of these images and hanging them in our hallway. Should be a welcome sight in the middle of winter when everything outside is gray and cold.


Many thanks to all of you for coming along on our road trip. It brought joy to my heart to share it with you.

Today rings in the first day of Autumn. Wow how the summer has flown by.

Have a great week,


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Friday Finds


This is my first time participating in Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds. What is it? Well, its a weekly celebration of what we have found, discovered, uncovered in the past week. It could be unique treasures, special moments, life lessons, nature’s bounty, etc…. you get the idea. For my first Friday Find I have a unique treasure and a bit of nature’s bounty to share, as well as some photo processing experiments. The picture above is of an old scale that I found this last week at one of my most favorite shops in Edmonds called Bountiful Home.


Owned and operated by Todd Waddell, Bountiful Home is full of unique treasures, some antique, some not, but all beautiful and presented in a manner that delights the eye. In addition to the little house filled with these lovely things, he also has a garden and nursery in the back yard. Every time I go there I am filled with joy and usually find something I must bring home like this scale. The following pictures were taken at different angles and processed differently to create a unique mood. The very first picture at the top of this post is straight out of the camera with no processing at all.


applied Kim Klassen’s ‘Dark Mood’ preset in Lightroom.


applied Kim’s ‘Days of Old’ preset in Lightroom.


applied Kim’s ‘Grey Mist’ preset in Lightroom.


applied Kim’s ‘Melancholy’ preset in Lightroom.


applied Kim’s ‘Olden Days’ preset in Lightroom, then applied Kim’s ‘Everyday’ texture in Photoshop. I posted this to Flickr this week and shared in Kim’s Texture Tuesday. It wound up being featured in Flickr Explore with over 8,000 views! Crazy.


applied Kim’s ‘Summer Haze’ preset in Lightroom.


applied Kim’s ‘True Grit’ preset in Lightroom.

So which of these do you like? This exercise taught me a couple of things, presets don’t work with every photo and I for one am not as fond of the low contrast, desaturated look. Personal taste.

Oh, and the peanuts…they are my nature’s bounty part of the share this week. Brian & I were walking through our local Farmer’s Market and saw this bunch of peanuts with their green tops still attached. I’ve never seen them like that before and there was quite a crowd around that stand marveling at them! The simplest things can bring the greatest joy.

Hope you have discovered something joyful in your world today. Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and if you live anywhere in or near Edmonds, WA I hope you will stop by Bountiful Home.  You will be glad you did!


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Road Trip – Yosemite


Our original plan was to tour through Devil’s Postpile monument, but it was quite a bit further out than we realized. Instead we chose to visit Yosemite. This was our first visit to this fabulous National Park, but it won’t be the last. So much to offer here. At the base of the mountains are paths to stroll through. Many Sequoias grow here. The two trees on the right of the image above are Sequoias, which are noted for their cinnamon colored bark. Sequoias don’t get as tall as the California redwoods, but they live longer. The tallest Sequoia found so far is 379 feet. The oldest Sequoias are over 3,000 years old. They owe their long life span to its very thick tannin-rich bark, which protects them against fire and insect damage.


The roots above are from a Sequoia that fell centuries ago. As you can see, the roots do not run deep, but they can span 150 feet wide. The width of this fallen tree was about 20 feet.


After admiring the Sequoias at the base of Yosemite, we decided to drive up to Glacier Point. The fog was intense up there and it was quite cold of course. Kind of felt like we were on another planet.


If you look closely you can see a structure just below the rock face. That is The Ahwahnee Hotel. I’m thinking that would be a fabulous place to stay in the summertime.


As we began our drive back down, we came across this fabulous view so of course we stopped to take pictures.


As we drove further down the other side of the park, we ran across a lovely meadow.



Such delicate flowers.

8_DSC4211We were also surrounded by these beautiful leafy plants. Great texture.

Next week I’ll be sharing the last stop on our road trip. Stay tuned!



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Cookies & Milk

Cookies & milk was the photo challenge at hand,


so she gathered her staples and laid out a plan.


She measured and mixed and and she stirred, then stirred more,


till it all came together as she had done once before.


She rolled out the dough and cut into shapes,


then set in the oven and watched as they baked.


Once they were done they were laid out to rest,


then with some sugar she got them all dressed.


As she laid out the scene and looked at the goodies,

she thought


“all we need in this life is love… and some cookies.”


Ok, so maybe I got a little carried away with this Be Still assignment, but I’m thinking the class is just as much about having a little fun as it is about trying to take good pictures!

Thanks for stopping by.



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More Garden Images

Seems I’ve neglected sharing more of my garden daily images so thought I’d play a little catch up. These images were all taken the first part of August. I just love seeing the little bee butt here!



The image above was the very last of the Nelly Moser clematis blooms. The art piece pictured below hangs above the tool shed door.


This is a little water bowl located in the shade garden in back. There used to be a little heart with the letter ‘I’ on it, but a crow made off with it!


This woman’s head pot is something Brian & I found in a shop in Portland, OR several years ago.


Not all of my herbs are doing as well as I would have hoped for some reason, but the rosemary is looking quite lovely and should provide a wonderful herbal addition to the Fall & Winter meals to come.


This was the very last of the broccoli from this season. Nothing like fresh broccoli!



Of course the word pool fountain is still going strong.


This was the very last of the magnolia blossoms from our evergreen Brown Betty magnolia.  We has so many blooms on those trees this year.


It won’t be long now before it’s time to put the garden to rest. I’ve already begun Fall clean-up. It has been a beautiful summer this year. Truly grateful.

Hoping you find some beauty to admire in your world today.


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Road Trip – Meeting Family in Middletown, CA

It’s been a tough couple of weeks but am back to continue sharing bits of our road trip with you. Thanks so much for continuing to visit the blog. I appreciate your support so much.


On the last day we were in Bodega Bay, we were able to arrange a visit with my brother Buck & his wife Heidi. We met in Middletown, CA. On the way there we passed this very cool barn, which had some interesting artifacts around it. Of course we stopped to take some pictures. Sure wish the owners had been home. Would have liked to have met them. As evidence of their obvious sense of humor, we saw these ‘cactus people’ growing on one side of the barn


The owners had carved faces into several of the cactus. Really brought a smile to our faces.


We arrived in Middletown a little earlier than Buck & Heidi, but filled our time taking pictures of this lovely United Methodist Church.


I was particularly taken with their windows.


I love the reflection of the trees and shrubs in its windows.


Once Buck & Heidi arrived we went over to the vegan restaurant in town, Chef Steve’s. Awesome food!


Buck & Heidi are both creative people. Buck is a member of a band and plays drums. Heidi is a mixed media artist who, with a friend, has participated in the EcoArts Sculpture Walk that has taken place in Middletown every year for the past 12 years. After lunch they took us to this year’s exhibit.


EcoArts is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the visual arts, visual art education, and ecological stewardship for artists, residents, and visitors to Lake County, CA. Images shown here were some of my favorites. Unfortunately this heart piece was not in the handout so cannot tell you who the artist is. It was probably a last  minute entry.


The piece above is Heidi’s and her fried Karen Mantele. This plaster of paris piece represents Archangel Ariel, known as Protector of Nature with a mission to heal the earth, animals, and plants. The sun was pitched high in the sky that day so lighting wasn’t the best to take these photographs. I can tell you a lot of work went into this piece. Quite detailed.


The large nest is by Mary Mattlage.


This is one of Heidi’s favorite pieces in the exhibit by Lisa Kaplan.


I found this piece to be quite intriguing. by artist Reeba Barrows using fabric, home grown bamboo, and fishing line to create her sculptures.


This amazing interactive piece is by Diego Harris, made from scrap metal. If you talk in one end, the sound travels through the horn and out the other end. Amazing!


It was a great day that ended all too quickly. The next morning we would leave Bodega Bay and head to Yosemite, CA.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.


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