Homework – Breakfast


Last week’s Be Still 52 assignment was breakfast. I had seen this egg in a blanket idea on IG and wanted to give it a try. You know, this is more difficult than it looks! Tasted good though.

But I have to say, I have a particular fondness for muffins so on the weekends I like taking the time to bake up a batch.


This last weekend I decided it would be fun to make my own muffin liners by tearing parchment pieces and tucking them into each well of the baking tin.


I’m pleased with how they look, but I gotta tell you, it took quite some time tearing out 12 liners and getting them filled! Sometimes I can make life so difficult for myself!

A new lesson will be coming on Wednesday. I will be chanting “simple, simple, simple” as I work on that!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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Around the House

“There’s no place like home” ~ Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz


A lovely thing happened Sunday. The sun came out for a little bit, sending some welcome rays of light through the house



So, thought I’d share a few of the pictures I took around the house with you today








The sun didn’t last long. I think it saw its shadow and hid! Oh well, it was lovely while it lasted. There really is no place like home.

Thanks so much for stopping by.



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A Beautiful Mess


Inspired by this week’s prompt in The Studio Online community I belong to.  The prompt was “Floral Top Down”.


Originally I was going to photograph the tulips in a vase, but as these babies are already several days old a couple of them started falling apart before I even got the vase in position. Then I thought, to heck with vase!


After scattering the tulips and the dropped petals about, I decided to add some paper hearts I had punched out of some old book pages. I got the idea to add hearts after seeing a stunning picture on Facebook made by my friend Beverly Cazzell. So inspiring! If you are  not familiar with her work, you can check out her Flickr feed HERE.


Happy Friday everyone.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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Homework – Jam On!


Applied Kim’s ‘kk_likeadream preset’.

Last week’s Be Still 52 homework assignment was spoon(s). I instantly thought of this lovely spoon gifted to me by my dear friend Barbara Hurst. Isn’t it just wonderful! I love the vintage look of the handle, the slight point at the tip, and of course the “jam on” phrase. It is both elegant and whimsical at the same time. Makes me smile.


Applied Kim’s ‘kk_prairies’ preset.

Rather than using a napkin or tea towel, I decided to bring out one of my quilts to tuck into the scene.


The biscuits I made specifically for this still life – which I of course promptly ate afterwards!


Wishing you a “jam on” kind of day!

Thanks for stopping by.


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The Garden Awakens

“No Winter lasts forever; no Spring skips its turn.” ~ Hal Borland


With heavy snows and bone chilling weather hitting the East Coast, Hal’s quote is a timely reminder that Spring will eventually come. I’ve been sick over two weeks with the flu, but am beginning to feel better. This weekend I had enough energy to walk through my garden to determine what it will need and discovered that, while I was huddled indoors working toward my health, the garden has decided to start waking up. Above is the first of the French Sorrel popping up through a thicket of dead leaves left behind from last year. In another pot was new shoots of chives coming up


Blueberry buds are forming


and the variegated sorrel is offering up leaves to be eaten right now!


Delicate leaves of the hydrangea bush are opening


And the Viburnum ‘ferreri nanum’ has several lovely clusters of pink blossoms.


My Saucer Magnolia has quite a few new buds on its branches


And though it’s not surprising to see the Hellebores blooming right now, they are always a welcome delight this time of year.


My Rogersia is also pushing up through its old dead leaves from last year and I’m loving the contrast of the old with the new growth


My climbing Hydranga that I grow in a container is also getting ready for spring


And the buds of this Contorted Filbert is signaling that the cool crinkled leaves that will eventually cover the tree is not far behind.


I hope you get a chance to discover some of nature’s delights in your neck of the woods.

Thanks so much for dropping by.


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Be Still Homework – Citrus


I know, I know, two homework assignments posted in a week! Well, I’m a bit behind due to the terrible flu. I am getting better though. The last three days I’ve actually been able to breathe!

Last week’s assignment was Citrus, varying heights and all to tell a bit of a story. Though I had all kinds of ideas for citrus, make a tart, or make lemonade, I decided to draw on my recent illness for inspiration. You know what its like when your sick nothing tastes good. It was the same for me, except grapefruit. Something about the tart citrus that can excite the taste buds even while sick. The picture above was taken in the breakfast room, which was flooded with the most beautiful light yesterday.


I do have a wonderful studio space and could have taken these photos out there, but this room looked so lovely I didn’t want to leave it.


And then I decided, I don’t need to leave! So, I brought my gnarly crackle surface board in and got to work. Afterward I ate the grapefruit!

Thanks so much for having in here with me. Means a lot. Hope you are having a grand day.


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Be Still Homework – Background Study

_DSC8182One of our recent assignments was to explore different backdrops for a particular still life. Since I have been dreaming about my garden, I chose to arrange the books and seed catalogs that I have been pouring over recently. I went for white as my first backdrop.

_DSC8188-EditI rarely go vertical with my compositions but in some cases it can provide room for a quote. However, I was not excited about the white for this composition. So

_DSC8192-EditI went black. I rather like the drama this gives to the image and feels more like the weather we have been having lately. Also added one of Kim’s textures to this, I think it was ‘magic0916′.

_DSC8194This horizontal crop was more to my liking, though I probably should have retouched out the squarish reflection in the cup. The things you see later!

_DSC8196Moving around to take pictures at different angles, I realized that shooting down allows the table top to be a backdrop.

_DSC8198My final backdrop try was a rough linen curtain. Not sure how I’m feeling about this one.

_DSC8203For my final image I cropped in tighter. I do like the intimate feel of this one.

This was a great exercise demonstrating how a backdrop, even one out of focus, can dramatically alter the mood of the overall image.

Thanks so much for stopping by!









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Honor & Celebrate

IMG_2457That is what we did 10 days ago as we laid our brother to rest. As a Marine Veteran who had served in the Vietnam War. He was buried with full honors. Our sister Darlene made sure of that.

IMG_2456She was with him when he began his eternal journey, and she was there to make sure he was buried with honor; as a veteran, as a brother, a son, a father, a grandfather, and Uncle.

IMG_2448Our sister shared stories of of him; his guitar playing, his painting, and how he loved to surf. It was a beautiful service, something Ted would have appreciated.

Then we celebrated

Celebrate_Ted's-Funeral_webWe danced and sang and danced some more. I think Ted was dancing with us.

Thank you dear sister not only for making sure Ted was honored and celebrated, but for bringing us all together and showing us that though we may be flawed, we are a strong family.

Sending love and light out into the universe,  in honor of Ted and the legacy he leaves behind.





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We were traveling along the highway on Whidbey Island over the New Year holiday when we ran across this mailbox. We passed it, then on the way back I asked Brian to stop so I could take a picture of it. As we stopped, another person was there and took a picture of it. When I got home and posted it to my Flickr feed, it made Flickr Explore with over 16,000 hits and over 260 favorites.

Now, I know this image isn’t great, nor is it popular for my technical skills as a photographer, but I think I have an idea as to why it resonated with so many.

We all have hopes and dreams about what we want more of in our lives and the wise owner of this mailbox understands that though he or she may not get everything they ask for, they understand the power of asking the universe for it. I imagine people will rally behind this person’s wish for the mailbox to be filled with love letters only. I for one am writing one that I will drop in that box the next time we are on the island!

What are your expectations for your life? What would you like to see more of? Have you asked the universe yet? How long has it been since you’ve written a love letter? Have you written one to yourself yet?

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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Be Still – Hanging Around


Actually the title of this week’s assignment was “Hanging Bottles”, but the one and only place in my house where I could possibly hang anything was the bi-fold doors that hide the washer & dryer! Anything I would hang there would have to be very light weight. So, after some thought I remembered I had some vintage sheet music that I could make some paper cones from. Tied with a bid of string and filled with some of my dried flowers and, well, there ya go! These are so lightweight that I simply used scotch tape to “hang” these sweet cones, which kind of remind me of the Victorian days when nosegays of flowers would be given in paper cones.


I am also rather smitten with the titles of these pieces of music “Song Without Words” and “Songs My Mother Taught Me”. Makes me wish I could play an instrument so I could play these out to here what they sound like.


All in all a pleasant afternoon spent in the breakfast room playing with these.

Hope your day is going well.

Cheers to you!


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