The Language of Flowers

Seedlings push up through the darkness of soil toward a light they cannot see and whisper “be hopeful, be brave, have faith.”

Growing tall above the surface, their leaves like arms reaching out and up saying “be confident, be strong, reach for the sky.”

Their buds unfold, each petal unique and yet part of the whole, call out “be open.”

Exhausted from all this show of beauty they begin another kind of journey. Their lighter colors fade, the youthful vibrant colors take on the rich, jewel tones of maturity as they whisper “each stage of life has its own beauty.”

I want to speak the language of flowers.

It’s been awhile since I’ve offered a post. I think I’ve been hibernating. But then Brian brought home these lovely Peony Tulips and they seemed to awaken me from my slumber. Spring…and flowers can do that to a person!

Has Mother Nature been whispering in your ear lately?


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je t’aime

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Taking a moment to express gratitude for all the rain we’ve had the last few days. We really needed it.

What are you grateful for today?


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My Garden – and so we begin…again

This is the time of the year when I begin thinking about the garden season ahead. I pull out my garden notes from last year to review, as well as some of my favorite gardening books. If you grow vegetables, the “75 Exciting Vegetables for Your Garden” by Jack Staub will definitely inspire you to try your hand at some of the more unusual and tasty veggies, such as the Purple Vienna Kohlrabi – delicious and beautiful in the garden.

After writing down a few ideas for the coming season, I take a walk around my property to assess the situation. We had a terrible frost early in the winter season, which caused a bit of damage. I lost a few plants and then there is this

The terrible frost froze the water pump, which in turn caused the water to freeze in the pot that eventually expanded, cracked, and broke. We’ve had this lovely pot in the pond for 5 or 6 years now and was broken-hearted to find it like this. Brian & I discussed pulling it out and replacing it with another pot, but I suddenly have another idea. Sometimes when things get broken it can offer an opportunity to do something we hadn’t thought of before.

In future posts I will be sharing pictures of what different parts of my garden looks like right now and then periodically sharing new pictures as the garden comes alive. Stay tuned!


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So excited to see new growth on my Contorted Filbert tree. Can Spring be far behind?

Wishing you a beautiful week.


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Dreaming of Spring

We were driving along a country road in the Skagit Valley when suddenly, as we rounded the bend, I saw it. “Stop the car!” “Shall I pull over?” “Yes!” As Brian pulled over, I grabbed my camera and headed back to take this photograph. It was just an abandoned greenhouse in the middle of a field, surrounded by trees. But it touched my gardener’s heart. And now, in the middle of winter, I am dreaming of Spring.

Have you been enjoying the Winter season? Have thoughts of Spring slipped into your thoughts from time to time? Do tell!


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The Mysteries of Life

Upon the mysteries of life, nature lays a veil. But through each season its secrets are revealed if we are still enough to see them.

It is the first full week of the New Year. Hope it is a good one for you!


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Weighed & Measured

The space between Christmas and the New year has always been a period of reflection for me. As a younger person looking back on the year, I would focus on my list of shortcomings. Things I didn’t accomplish, and then put them on my list of resolutions for the New Year.

As I’ve gotten older I find that I focus less on what I didn’t do and more on what I’m grateful for. Grateful for those family members in my life who are loving and supportive. Blessed to have friends to laugh & cry with.

Thankful for the simple gifts each day has had to offer; sunrises, cool breezes, and the opportunity to begin again.

What has this year been like for you? What will you bring with you into the New Year?

Happy New Year


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The remains of the holiday surround me as I sit here in the living room. The tree is still merry and bright, but I notice the poinsettias are beginning to fade. Feeling a bit like they look this morning. The holidays brought much joy, but also held some sadness too.

Looking back I see I’ve always tried to make things better; create a joyful place for my family, make it all beautiful. Provide that elusive something I didn’t have growing up.

Acceptance is a bitter pill in the beginning. Once swallowed, it brings to the surface all the sadness carried in the heart. Sometimes I feel I will drown in it. But then my arms and legs begin to move as if they have a mind of their own and I remember that I can swim.

I need to water those poinsettias. They may be fading and will eventually be gone. But they are still alive in all their faded glory, reminding me to appreciate now… it’s all we really have.

I can accept that.

It is the last weekend of the year. How will you spend it?


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Merry Christmas!

May the Spiritual light of the Season guide you through the New Year!



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